A friend and I got talking about our ot3, Supermodel Boyfriend, Fashion Designer Girlfriend and Graphic Novelist Boyfriend and whoops my hands slipped.

Instagram picture thing:

@AdrienAgresteofficial “going to a movie premier night with my baes”

Made a few skelebros doodles!:D I really needed to practice drawing Papyrus because, while he is my fave, I am still having trouble finding the right way to draw his skull. so I am trying things. and of course Sans is not far away. 

seriously bury me in sibling great relationship. I think I prefer them over romance any day!


Whenever I see modern au HTTYD stuff Hiccup always has this really feral house cat but in my mind he’s one of those people that have some 60 licenses to own an exotic animal (ie. a panther named Toothless). He gets away with it because he produces incredibly detailed data on animal behaviour and proposes a lot of innovative animal prosthetics Astrid’s still out of his league though.

 Might clean these up later if there’s a demand? Who knows.