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“No-Name.” Eminent try-hard and the elder of the Silent Brothers. He’s either staring off into the distance, or clearing entire rooms and then unloading a supercharged Golden Gun into a Dreg (he’s THAT guy). He firmly believes in the saying - ‘Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.’


UnderShoot short comic - Sometimes Hugs Help A Lot

Man, my hand hurts a lot haa–

It’s just a little thing that I wanted to draw out.
And I wanna practice on doin’ comics ‘cuz I like makin’ ‘em.

yeeee *sparkles

I’m plannin’ on makin’ more comics. Mostly funny ones ‘cuz laughing is great, m8.

But, right now. Have this thingy-

I got tired while makin’ it and of course– I did some unholy things with it lol–

They’re white roses. Symbolic of purity and innocence.

Juste’s appearance gives off the strong image of a red rose, so I grew to associate him with those things. And since Richter is never too far from Juste by whatever means, I thought I could work something similar for him.

So anyway, I had this idea that Juste planted this little rose bush in the family garden which he then enchanted to reflect Richter’s current state. He watches over it frequently, and especially more so now that Richter’s gone from home.

And if that makes no sense, we can at least appreciate Richter randomly holding a flower, I guess. I thought it was kinda cute.