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baby changeling anon sketchdump [1/3]

So ages ago (sorry!) I got these asks [1],[2] about the baby changeling from ‘the begotten’ essentially coming back to life, and also weyoun 6 is there (the asks explain better than i can). Anyway obviously i was super into that and wanted to draw some fanart, so I used it as an excuse to go to town messing about with a bunch of different art styles

(Julian’s going to have to completely rewrite several papers on changeling biology after this… also my hands aren’t capable of drawing a sufficiently starry eyed weyoun for this one)

(They’re in the holosuite, Quark is trying to do… something legitimate probably, 5 seconds later the baby dishes on all sorts of repressed quark feelings picked up from odo while linking, then shapeshifts into a bar of latinum with legs and waddles off. The magic of parenthood!)

(how to bond with your gelatinous toddler)

Okay I couldn’t keep this hidden away any longer~ <3 

I dunno, did a bit of streaming and I went Rouge xD 

Credits lolol: 
Cil @turtledoveanimations
Spray Cray @weezy-pup
Error @loverofpiggies
Quill @midnight-draws
NaJ, PJ’s Daycare @blogthegreatrouge
And Magicaltale belongs to someone else don’t know who tho ._.

Heads up guys okay I will totally do like
Sketches like these of characters people want like I will do almost anyone mostly monsters and maybe humans if you want to see anyone I am totes cool with that yo :3