doodle that went out of hand

“Rose,” Kanaya said in her most cautionary tone, stepping into the living room lit only by convenient and ritually placed candelabras. Rose looked up from the chalk circle on the floor with an innocent expression.

Or an expression as innocent as one who had a cup of goat’s blood in her hands could wear.

“Yes, dearest?”

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“What?” Misty blinked, stopping in her tracks.

“Just take my hand, Mist.” Ash groaned. “It’s not that hard.”

Why?” She scowled, leaning forward in her all to familiar way, eyes narrowing. “You’re acting weird.”

“I’m not!” He protested, not  wanting to cause a scene in the shopping center- especially when, well…

“You are!”

“Don’t you trust me!?” It was a low blow, and when her eyes softened and her pout went from angry to concerned, Ash almost took it back. 

But then she stuck her hand out.  “Weirdo.”

“Told you it wasn’t hard.” He flashed a grin, lacing his fingers through hers and pulling along the rows of shops. Maybe now the flocks of hungry teenage boys dotted around the mall would stop staring at her like she was a piece of meat.

Here is a thing that kinda amuses me: so there’s this Japanese Twitter account that, once a day, posts an Undertale-related theme to draw, as little 5-minute doodles. Around the start of the year, they started frequently giving character pairs, and are currently up to like 24 days where it’s been a character pair, with things starting out with stuff like canon couples or close family pairs and then working outward. So it went like, Sans & Papyrus, Alphys & Undyne, Toriel & Asgore, Chara & Asriel, Mettaton & Napstablook… and then Frisk & Flowey, right there in the first handful where the prominent tight-knits or canon pairs are.


Uuuh, my hand hurts so no more doodling for me today.

I went to visit my grandma yet i just couldn’t get these two out of my head, so i doodled a little more (also added some color to the previous one) 

 ANYWAY, more domestic Nyo!dennor.

In my head, the first one is when they started dating, one of their first dates maybe (Denmark totally wants to be holding hands)

In the second one they’ve been together for years and that’s just a normal morning, Den is ready for work, she’s waiting for her morning kiss but she’s standing between Nor and coffee. Bad idea. 

(I like to think Nor sleeps in underwear and sweaters and roams the house like that until she’s finally awake and ready to take a shower and get dressed.)

Bonus Norway trying to put on her sweater.


so @under-the-bed-tales joined me in doodling things on iscribble this evening with inspiration/ silliness inspired some by @frankpanioncube! we wanted fluff so we made our own dammit!

It actually started with baby doodles and then just went flat-out OT3 stuff. Also, a chubby Grillby was an unlikely scenario that I needed badly apparently. *whispers* (so now who’s a chubby bunny….)

Bed did all the sketchs on the right hand sides except I drew that “Sans stuck in a manhole wearing a tiara”. Because… reasons.

lil’ sebastian and young robin mama

another doodle that went out of hand (pose for the kid is a little silly but i realized it while coloring, let’s just… chalk it down to “KIDS SQUIRM A LOT”)

it’s always been kind of a headcanon(?) of mine that seb is a redhead but he just dyed it when he got older. the idea of him being a huge mama’s boy entertains me.

hardly any of the kids have hair that match their parents anyway, but dANGIT I THINK IT’S CUTE FOR HIM TO BE A REDHEAD


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the main digital painting from the stream! it got a little though on the old drawing hand after a while so i went on to doodling but i still think it turned out pretty okay seeing as my last digital painting was done over a year ago!

Thanks again to everyone who came!

Aight, after tumblr ate the message and I nearly ate my hands (because of nervousness), I proudly? present to you my first attempt at illustrating a scene from a fanfiction. yay me.

Inside-Out is my current favourite ongoing TsukiHina ff by lilithiumwords/ @amberstarfight. Other than that, I have little to say, I think. 

Preference #109 Marks

Liam- When you were on the phone with some relatives, you’d often get bored and doodle on a piece of paper until the conversation came to a close.If paper was nowhere near you, then your hands would do. When you went to meet Liam on those very days, your arms would be decorated with flower patterns, quotes or your hand would simply be marked with blue ink from forgetting to close a pen. He’d smile to himself, wondering how lucky he was to have such a quirky girlfriend.

Harry- He was a master at hickeys. His favorite thing to do when making out with you was mark your neck, chest, and shoulders with love bites. Caught in the moment, all you could think of was running your hands through his hair and along his smooth and warm chest while he busied himself with leaving kisses and sucking heavily everywhere he pleased. The next morning you’d have red circles marking your skin making you smile and leaving Harry proud of his work.

Zayn- “Should I get some new ink, babe?” Zayn asked you almost every three months to which you replied sure, why not? He wanted you to come with him and hold his hand throughout the process, not because it was painful but because it relaxed him.Weeks after the tattoo was done, all you wanted to do when he laid on the couch without a shirt, was join him and trace all the marks he had on his body, especially the new one, which had your initials. 

Louis- You were very clumsy, there was no denying that, so waking up and seeing new purple spots on your legs was usual for you but aggravating for Louis. “How did that happen? And what about that one?” he’d ask, pointing at your bruises, “I don’t know, I think it’s when I ran into the foot of the bed,” you explained poking at your bruise. “Please, at least attempt to be careful?” He worried for you because you wouldn’t. “I’ll try,” you reassured him, receiving a kiss either from sympathy or for listening to him.

Niall- Maybe it was the way he slept, or maybe it was just his soft skin, but when Niall woke up, each morning he’d have sleep marks all over his arms and face. They never failed to make you giggles and touch his face, feeling the creases that had formed. “Oh not again?” he asked with half closed eyes and raised eyebrows. You nodded and smiled, as he tried fixing his disheveled hair before reaching for your sides and pulling you towards him for a hug, “At least they make you smile.” He was right about that.