doodle pokemon


Quick designs I did for the first 3 evolutions of Eevee for a bronycon print! This was done to generally get the basic feel I want for each evolution to make them unique and different. I based their body types on mostly dogs, although I’ll be combining some of the evolutions’ body types with other animals. For now, this is what I have:

Eevee- a mix between a pomeranian and a fox

Flareon- Chow Chow. Flareon is the closest to Eevee in terms of design

Jolteon- Whippet and German Shepard dog

Vaporeon- a bit of a whippet as well in the face, but mostly based on otters.

I hope you like them so far! Be ready for the rest of the designs and perhaps a sneak peek at the print in question. x3

((I leave for nearly two weeks and this is what I get….Thank you all so so much, I love you all lots and lots and appreciate the patience as I get my life together omg…))

Boo! It’s Gastly!!!

Y’know, I’ve never used a Gastly in any of my Pokemon teams before!! Ya think I would, considering I like ghost types/poison types, but I never really added one to my team. But! I have used a Gengar on my team before! (Caught a Haunter and traded it to evolve it!) Although I’ve never directly used a Gastly before, I thought it deserved a little more attention, so I whipped up a little doodle of this spooky gas-ball!!