doodle oos

So… the episode was freezing each minute and became so hard for me to hear what was happening, but who cares, I loved it anyways!! Have some practice doodles ‘cuz there’s so much to do!

So the story behind this small doodle is;

Out of no where I remembered when my little sister was like 6 years old and when she sat besides me I would always put my arm out in front of her eveytime my mom hit the brakes

My mom does the exact same thing when I sit in the front

And now my little sis is doing it to our little brother (even thought he’s in a car seat)

And just earlier I was binge watching ducktales and when I saw the part when Donald shoved the boys inside his car I immediately went through memory lane.

been reading Treading Water and it inspired me to draw merdanny (。•́‿•̀。) would you guys want to see this colored?