doodle gone bad


Bc like…..I’ve noticed no one really ever pays attention to what Choro goes through? Besides what I’ve mentioned here, I can go on and list a multitude of other moments he gets bashed on by his brothers or others.  Everyone in this fandom is so focused on Kara, which I love him a lot too don’t get me wrong, and it’s super great he’s grown in s2! But Choro has gone through just as much utter bullshit and has gotten….nothing, he’s treated as one large joke with a single trait of his being the punchline, completely wiping out his other fantastic features,,, I love him a lot and I hate seeing him reduced to just…nothing by the creators and the fandom :<

What if…

I’ve wondered some times what if Juvia were to be a villain again? What kind of clothes would she wear and the hairstyle. With that thought in mind, what if Juvia, for whatever the reason, turns out to be part of spriggan?

Hope you like my evil-like Juvia ;D