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Lapidot Anniversary Week #6: Confession

@lapidot-anniversary-week @LuClipse85

asdfghjklkjhgfd i got a bit lazy towards the end im so sorry

I got Lapis and Peridot’s sweaters’ designs from Pinterest (im not gonna link them otherwise tumblr is gonna hide this post but just search up ‘funny sweaters’ and you’ll find em) 

More gayness under the cut 

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Week 9 + 10 Spreads 🗺

I’m so happy to be traveling again! The month and a half I haven’t gone anywhere I was very restless and discontented - now I feel like my old self again!

I also always try to get ahead of my work when I’m traveling - that’s how I keep up with school and everything else which I mostly do during the flight to wherever.


JohnDave week // day 1

Godhead’s heavy hoofbeats can be heard approaching and you look around the forest edge. He doesn’t come from there, though. He appears at the top of the waterfall, next to the river as it goes over the edge of the small cliff. Godhead rears back, going up on his hind legs. His front legs paw at the air as he lets out a noise that sounds victorious, even though they lost the race. But you’re not paying much attention to the horse. You’re more interested in Dave.

The way the sun is hitting his hair just right, and how the strands are pushed back from his forehead by the wind. The way his hands grip the reins. His legs ending comfortably in boots that rest in the stirrups. The way his expression has softened. His cheeks are slightly pink from the wind. His eyes are rubies in the light. His lips are parted slightly and more relaxed than you’ve seen them in a while. They turn upward at the corners. Oh gog you just want to kiss those lips.

-The Heir and His Knight by witty_name

Doodle of Sunati to try out my brand new computer (a wacom mobilestudio pro! exciting!!!)

My thoughts, after half a day of messing around with it:

  • The pen-on-screen-feel is AMAZING it feels almost like actual paper and is effortless to draw on. The pen grips very nicely too.
  • The colours display beautifully (I think, please let me know if these colours look odd on your screen XD)
  • It’s slightly noisier than I expected, but nothing too bad.
  • It has yet to get as warm as my old computer (a Surface Pro 3) which is wonderful.

It’s ridiculously expensive, but since I usually draw 40+ hours a week I think it’s 100% worth it :D


So… I’m still in the middle of watching Sherlock… But now I’m also in the middle of watching Doctor Who~ xD (New series, so from 2005 ^-^)

But I finished three totally inacurate lil doodles of 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor(s?), so at least I have something to share! :D 

[Other Dr Who fanarts: Small Ten doodle, Nine and Ten w/ flowers, Nine and Eleven small doodles]

It feels weird after almost a week and a half of drawing exclusively squares that i then switch to a gem made almost entirely of curves, but i had to doodle Moonstone(?) at least once because i love that shes actually just one (1) huge bundle of Nerves. She probably just found out WHO shes going to be representing in court and shes Not Happy About It.

(this is also lowkey for @delmarvian because a certain little birdy informed me she likes the panicked nerdy types. Enjoy binch~)

Les Misérables study moods
  • Combeferre: color-coded highlighters, hand-drawn diagrams, small neat handwriting, straight lines, studying for 5 hours straight, chamomile tea, teaching your friends the material to help you understand it.
  • Courfeyrac: sitting on your bedroom floor with your notes spread out around you, 20 different color gel pens, doodles everywhere, changing subject every 10 minutes, too much soda, talking to yourself, pen marks on your face.
  • Marius: studying in the library, all your notes in one scratch pad, cramming everything in the week before the exam, glasses of water, not taking breaks cause you want to get it over with, falling asleep on your notes.
  • Cosette: sitting in the grass with the sun on your face, bullet journals, yoga pants, daisy stickers, arizona green tea, neat cursive handwriting, using highlighter on your own notes. Taking a break every half hour to stretch and enjoy the sunshine.
  • Éponine: sitting on your bed with your books spread around the room, rock music playing in the background, black pens, texting your friends the whole time, sweet black coffee, messy ponytail.
  • Grantaire: messy notes, everything in biro, all your books have damaged spines, there's a box of wine on your desk that's half empty by the time you've finished studying. taking selfies to prove to your friends that you tried.
  • Enjolras: you don't study. you pass everything anyway.