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@theresnosafeharbor4myships and I created another one for you guys! This one was her wonderful idea! We were trying to get this out before The Cell aired but my laptop said “lol nah”.  Anyway, we could all use some fluffy and super sweet stuff right now so here we go!

Daryl had left four days ago, and throughout her shifts of cooking and care-taking, in the few precious moments alone granted her each day, while she lie awake at night wondering if he remained unscathed, and in the dreams she sometimes remembered, she imagined him rolling in through the gate on his bike, hair wind-whipped and eyes searching frantically until they alit softly on her, heatedly caressing her from head to toe. 

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“What?” Misty blinked, stopping in her tracks.

“Just take my hand, Mist.” Ash groaned. “It’s not that hard.”

Why?” She scowled, leaning forward in her all to familiar way, eyes narrowing. “You’re acting weird.”

“I’m not!” He protested, not  wanting to cause a scene in the shopping center- especially when, well…

“You are!”

“Don’t you trust me!?” It was a low blow, and when her eyes softened and her pout went from angry to concerned, Ash almost took it back. 

But then she stuck her hand out.  “Weirdo.”

“Told you it wasn’t hard.” He flashed a grin, lacing his fingers through hers and pulling along the rows of shops. Maybe now the flocks of hungry teenage boys dotted around the mall would stop staring at her like she was a piece of meat.


Being encouraged to see if he could hold his female form through the night (while unconcious, mind you, sleeping and all) was a challenge Naruto was willing to accept from his sensei provided the training, and subsequent results, were only discussed in confidence. No one else had to know. No one else would know. It was a simple–albeit unique–training exercise in chakra capacity, control, and kitsune influence between he, his sensei, and, he supposed, the kyuubi…

…ending up french braiding Yamanaka Ino’s hair, however, was not foreseen by a n y o n e

you think I forgot sex-fluid Naruto and NaruIno bromance? you fools


Saturday, January 7th is unofficially Killugon day! Please  join us in the celebration if you love this ship too!

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Amy and Jess celebrate Halloween!!!
They’re always together-and of course on this scary holiday!
Hope you like it guys. I’m also very sorry for not being here for a very long time.
I also hope I can make more comics and stories (maybe fanfics-who knows),with them.
I’ll do my best,and Thank You!

SymmRat week day 4: Role reversal With Junker! Symmetra and Vishkar! Junkrat. I actually think Satya here looks better than in my previous drawings… Hm. Drabble below the cut!

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There had been a rustling of leaves and she had disregarded it nonchalantly, it was probably her neighbour’s cat or some other woodland creature scurrying about in the early morning. When she heard it again, this time louder, she decided she had to do something about that annoying animal. Heaving an irritated sigh, she placed her trowel on the ground and stood up, dusting the dirt and grass that clung to her apron. With a scowl deepening on her face as all thought of a relatively peaceful morning were shattered, she strode over to the other end of the garden where the elm tree stood. It was rather old and had been on the property ever since she purchased the land and it decidedly made a rather good spot of shade for an afternoon nap during the hotter seasons.

“Ah, a lovely morning to you, young lady.”

Of course, large trees came with the ever-constant burden of fetching a neighbour’s cat should the dastardly feline decide to become trapped among its branches and refuse to climb down. However, this had to be by far the most ridiculous situation she had been in to date and it was only the beginning of the day. She quirked an eyebrow at the man stuck in the tree – she could safely add men to the usual list of suspects now, she mused sardonically.  

“Would you be as so kind as to help me down? As you can see, I’m in a bit of a… predicament.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes – well, there was always a first for everything.

The AU that caffinatedstory talked to me about on Twitter and all I remembered was air potatoes

Of course my first contribution to the mchanzo fandom would be this monstrosity (the original comic was going to be about Mccrees native side of the family teaching him drinking games instead of ball games but then this happened)

Also if ur here for the Mchanzone I’m sorry my shitty oc is on the side there just ignore that

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WD #1: She and I, in the end

Stardust spilling out of her fingers, one after the other, blown by the wind.

Insignificant- that’s how I feel.

I do not tell her this. Not out loud, at the very least. But still, she hears. Perhaps this is why I love her. She smiles knowingly, looks up and breathes, her lungs taking in the salty air, the morning breeze. Her eyes are lakes in winter- translucent blue, cold, frozen in the moment. Still, they sparkle beneath the sunlight. Some think they’re fragile and delicate. But I know those eyes. They are strong. Now, they are looking at me, and into my soul.

“Look at them, dear,” she says, and she stretches her hand to the vast expanse where we stand, the little sand dunes, the open sea. Her voice is barely a whisper but still the wind dutifully carries it from where I am, a few steps away. “Aren’t they beautiful?”

“Where?” My mouth moves in response but still, it feels dry. “They’re gone.” I might be thirsty, but for what? I lick my chapped lips. I could still taste the hints of lemon we drank earlier, the juice a bit too sour, and her ringing laugh after seeing my crunched, gagging face. Perhaps, I long for the truth, but in that, I shall never be satisfied, I think. I look at her familiar face, hoping to understand.

“They’re not gone, not exactly.”

Here she moves and we meet in the middle. She takes my hand, the slightly calloused and burned one, and she places it above her chest, next to her beating heart. Once, it raced like the heavy rain’s drums falling down the waiting shed, the place where we first kissed. Now, her heart beats steadily, a constant and sure ta-thump, ta-thump. I remember asking her once why our hearts beat in such a way. She didn’t respond, that time, but her gaze was thoughtful. We bask ourselves in silence, that night.

But I think I know the answer right now, with her hand on my hand, and my hand on her chest. We are an odd couple, she and I, and if one were to see us from the distance their sight could confirm this so. They would see a tall woman, golden braid hanging neatly on her shoulders, the white almost translucent dress framing her delicate shape. Then they’d see me, the other woman, heavy stock, brown sun-kissed skin, curls uncontrollably flapping to and fro, her back turned away from them because her eyes look nowhere else but the ones in front of her.

We may be princesses, she of the heavens and sky, and I of my childhood dreams long past. But here, with her hand on my hand, and my hand on her chest, she is she and I am simply me.

“Do you understand?”

I nod. I do not know why of all the beings in the universe, she chose me, even after all these years. But I think I’m beginning to understand why she did all those things, why she thought turning down the throne and leaving everything behind was worth it.

I think it’s because I feel my own heart beating next to hers as she feels hers beating next to mine. Once, her heart was screaming and barely moving, and once, my heart was a heavy weight I thought I couldn’t bear, not any longer, after aching so much. But here, now, together, they are in symphony.

“You’re not alone,” I say out loud, simply, because I can. “Not any longer.”

The stardust may disappear and we shall too, one day. That I truly understand. We may be nothing compared to everything, but what we have is something and to have something, even so little, makes life worth living every single day.

“Take my hand,” I say. She does. Together we run away laughing, our hearts singing but no longer chasing the greater unknown.

I look at her and she looks back at me, in return. We smile.

The wind continues to blow.

Author’s Note: Yes, it’s not a poem! I had a lot of free time today in school and surprisingly, I was in the mood to write about nobody in particular. WD stands for word doodles, which is a fancy term on something that is basically passing time by writing whatever comes to mind, non stop. I did some editing for this though, but I like how it turns out. I hope you like it. Should I make some more? Thanks and have a nice day! ~ Presmei

Random MX quick drawing

Jooheon likes a girl, and she likes him. Each of them ASK kihyun and Wonho to distract the other Person so they can escape.
Wonho: is that his girlfriend? Like, in secret?
Kihyun: secret girlfriend?

Dames Dig Dorks

AN: Heya, I said I’d write this up earlier, but I heard it was Nalu Week’s Bonus Day 1!  Figured I may as well enter it, even if it doesn’t follow their prompt.  A simple little high school AU drabble I doodled up.  Also can be found here.  Enjoy!

“You can’t be serious,” came Gray Fullbuster’s exasperated voice behind him, not that Natsu cared.

Natsu was minding his own business on this beautiful, autumn day.  Literally sitting under an old oak tree at the top of the hill at lunchtime with his chemistry set and favorite anime soundtrack drifting through his headphones.  But no, Fullbuster still had to find a way to irritate him.

Rolling his eyes, Natsu pulled off his headphones, probably screwing up his messy, pink hair further, and raised an eyebrow at his ‘friend’.  “Got a problem, droopy drawers?”

“I’d say you do, pyro,” Gray scoffed, plopping down beside him.  Much to Natsu’s surprise, Gajeel and Jellal joined him.  

“I don’t.  Not sitting by your girlfriends today?” Natsu inquired, focusing his attention back on the firework he was making.  

“Consider this an intervention,” Gray told him.  “As your… friends, loosely, we can’t stand by and watch you play with your chemistry set, alone, at a high school lunch period.  Dude, what is wrong with you?!  It’s like a nerd in a bad movie!”

“I am not playing,” Natsu protested, settling his headphones into his scaly, white scarf.  “This is how I make money, thank you, and at least I have a better pastime here than making out with my girlfriend in some closet!’

“You don’t have a girlfriend,” Jellal pointed out.

“High school relationships don’t mean anything,” Natsu muttered, feeling his ears heat up at the pressure.  “I’ve got better stuff to do.”

“Oh yeah?” Gray said slyly.  “Would you say that while you ogle Lucy Heartfilia every chance you get?”

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Long time ago, the lovely @dreamingamethystdragons dedicated to me a more lovely fic about a SinJa Naga!AU and I totally forgot to share this illust here. I think it’s time to fix the mistake. Hope you like it!

The fic is called ‘If Ever By Chance’ and you can find it –> here 

10/10 would read again (oh wait I did :-P)