doodle designs


Doodle-development of [Vulnoir] as a small break from making HSeed Assets.

His face has been pretty hard to get right but I think I’m getting closer.  Colored his clothing too and finalized it a bit, I think it suits him.

He wears the cloak since it helps to not have people not freak out about his appearance (though that’s the least of their problems).  I tried to keep the concept similar to a judge’s robe but would also tried to accommodate his bulk. I think he looks charming.

*The “flap” on the hood is intended to be somewhat transparent, but then again it’s not like he really has conventional “eyes” to obscure…


Victuuri week - Day 5 - Crossover (Steven Universe AU)

‘So…? What was it? The answer.’


tbh i’ve always thought about a victuuri gem fusion AU (it would work so well)! and wouldn’t it be cute if they accidentally fused during their kiss tho ahaha~ their fusion would be a sweet, confident and sexy gem! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ aaa i even tried to draw them in a vaguely SU style but uhh it’s hard (⊙﹏⊙✿)