doodle calendar


just some doodles from the 2017 calendar 🎞

sorry these are so gross, my tablet’s actually broken, which means i had to do them without any pen pressure :(( i’ll be back with some less rubbish drawings as soon as my tablet gets fixed 💛

Lycanthropy AU (Werewolf!Wanda)

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Fandom: Marvel

Character: Wanda Maximoff

Word Count: 748

Request: Wanda Maximoff, going through her first werewolf transition.

A/N - For @willowangelus4eva

She had been crossing off the dates with definite apprehension. Each day another big, red cross would be drawn on the calendar and each day her heart would fill with more worry. 

The full moon would signify Wanda’s first transformation and although the other’s assured her it would go smoothly, she couldn’t shake the awful feeling in her gut. Today was the day; Wanda was admiring the tiny moon drawing she’d doodled in the calendar box when there was a gentle knock on her door. A few moments passed and it opened to reveal Steve, a soft look on his face which Wanda couldn’t help but to mirror back.

“How you feeling champ?”, he asked quietly, opting to lean on the doorframe as he studied the young girl.

“Do you want the honest answer or an answer?”, Wanda smiled although it was false, her accent dragging the words out. Steve chuckled and folded his arms, “An honest one would be best”. Wanda sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that day, she pulled at her fingers nervously, “I am terrified”, she breathed letting her fingers now fidget with her dress. She could feel Steve’s eyes burning into her skin. 

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