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When I saw the first pic with Bill and Jackson together, I quickly thought of a moment during filming where they’re doing the opening sewer scene and they made a lot of takes and when they finally got it, Bill quickly crawls out of the sewer to ask Jackson if he’s ok and telling him he did great and all just for Bill notice him yawning, so he picks him up and heads to his trailer to lay him down for a nap. 



Something not mentioned enough in the RWBY fandom: both Blake and Yang can draw while Ruby and Weiss can’t. I mean look at this. 

Drawn by Ruby:

Drawn by Weiss:

and then you’ve got this drawn by Yang:

and lastly the arguably best artist of them all, Blake:

Seriously though, Ruby and Weiss are both just in the general vicinity of what they want while Blake and Yang are rocking it. This should be explored more.