datboinobodywants  asked:

How do you draw a male's body with simple shapes?

The thing about drawing both male and female bodies is that they come in a huge variation of shapes and sizes. And, as most of my followers know, I don’t exactly draw the 90′s superhero type of men — in fact, a lot of my male characters get misgendered a lot. I know there is a typical look that I tend to go by, but always remember that there’s no limits to it. This is just one way of many that you can draw a man.

  • This is how it looks when I draw their bodies in shapes quickly. It’s messy and it might not be very clear, but they key is exaggerating forms and putting emphasis on certain shapes.  I break a lot of “rules” when drawing men, by drawing longer legs and small feet for example, but I don’t see why it’d matter. Take note that this isn’t a realism tutorial, either. Notice how I put more emphasis on his shoulders and torso, creating something of a V shape. I added a quick typical feminine figure of mine as a comparison, where there’s much more emphasis on her hips and legs. Don’t be afraid to break any of these rules though! Make legs shorter if you want, make the shoulders smaller, hips thicker, use the body type to the right, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with any of them. Again, this is just one of many ways, so don’t limit yourself.
  • I decided to draw out the shapes more specifically so that you could see what shapes I used. As you can see, there’s a lot of shapes used here. The arms and legs being teardrop-shaped has been explained in a previous tutorial here. Again, don’t feel afraid to alter any of these shapes; it’s simply how I tend to do it.
  • I should mention that fat play an important part in terms of body shapes. While this isn’t exactly the best example (I should practice more) it shows that fat is much harder to define as shapes, therefor I suggest you do the shapes first, and then add the fat on top of them by drawing them as soft lines around the shapes. Men typically gets most fat gathered around their stomach, but again, this is not a must. Think of it as sculpting with clay; you have a base that you then can build up to your own liking. Muscles are very similar, but a little more defined, and I think both fat and muscle should have their own tutorials entirely.
  • And his is a sketch I based on the shapes I created. I didn’t go by it exactly how it was drawn, as you should only use them as guides and not as exact rulers. I almost always end up altering the arms and leg as I go, because it makes the pose look less stiff.

Hope that helped! You can see more of my tutorials here