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You're welcome! If i didn't get to see your blog everyday I'd cry. Also I want to know what school you go to (it's probably not a good Idea to ask that on anon because a creeper could be trying to find out what school you go to) because what if you go to mine and I just didn't talk to you. (I'm not a 42 year old man I am a 17 year old girl I swear)

Oh my god now I’m just going to roll around wow

I go to Folsom High School. If it wouldn’t bother you, what school do you go to? I won’t publish it if you don’t want others to know.

It would be awesome if we went to the same school- though I’m a freshman.

Hehe you don’t sound like a 42 year old man, and I trust you. 

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Okay so I felt creepy asking that but I live in sac and I love your blog and Idek it's funny to me.

jfhbekhabknja really??

oh man thank you so much!



wowwowwow thank you so much.

it really means a ton to me that i can entertain you with this little blog.

and don’t worry about the anon thing at all, i’d feel awkward asking where someone lived (city, state, country, etc.) 

i feel awkward asking anyone a question, really, but…

thank you so, so much, anon.