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Last Night.

So some of you maybe wondering what happened last night and why I’m typing this wall of text. Well yesterday I gained another follower, askddb. When I saw that “ddb is following you” pop up in my follower count, I flip…okay I didn’t flip I fell out of my chair dyeing, but that’s beside the point. The point is that someone I look up to as an artist started following me, for what reason I don’t know, but as far as I was concerned, I was on cloud nine!

Anyways, fanboying aside, I proceed to do my usual thank you pic for them and went to her page to find a reference sheet I could use, found the little button that said ref pic and proceeded to draw. As per the norm, I set up how they followed me and what was special about them, in this case, her glowing eyes and tongue. (HOT) So then came the hard part, drawing her OC. I always considered myself a cartoonist, not an artist, and seeing the first 20 drawing I made of her, I can concluded why I did. I spent 20 minuets drawing and redrawing and drawing again before I realized that this was not going to work. Did I give up? Hell no! I went with my other skill that I had, Digital art!

So I opened up GIMP (the program I use to clean up my comics and random drawings) and made a new image. I had made images from scratch before, but never of human antimony, so I started with her face. after 2 hours of outlining, stroking with a mouse, retooling my interface, dealing with a laptop that would stuttered and screw me up, I finally had finished her face, eyes and hair. Now bare in mind that my main style of drawing is traditional pencil and paper, and I’m no good at digital art. But this experience have opened my eyes about artists and what they have to go through.

Before this, I had imagined that Artists can design, draw and post with no problem and that they didn’t just because they didn’t want to. Now I know I didn’t even scratch the surface of what it must be like to be an artist, but from the small taste I got, I must say this: “You guys have a whole new respect from me.” I can only imagine how hard it must be to draw more then one OC, their clothing, hairstyle, and even a background.

Well I ever attempt to draw using Digital means again? You bet your ass! Despite nearly throwing my laptop out of my window several times and laying on the floor looking at the ceiling fan and saying “What did I get myself into?” over and over again, I had a whole lot of fun, and looking at my finished produced made me smile to myself. And not the best and the world by far, but damn it, it’s my best so far!

So this goes to all you artists out there, using tablets and Image programs, to those still using traditional means, hell, even if you use MS paint to draw stuff! You all have my respect.

and as for askddb and her question to me.

Nothing much, getting my mind blown, learning something new and gained new found respect for awesome people like you.

Thank you.