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Doobydolls have collaborated with global fashion and design company Eley kishimoto to bring you a selection of 6 handmade Eley kishimoto printed doobydolls.


Supermarket Sarah

Went to Selfridges the other today to check out my sisters DoobyDoll collaboration with Eley Kishimoto being sold via Supermarket Sarah’s wall instillation, - Supermarket Sarah sells different pieces on her wall which is constantly changing and is always layed out in a different style.

Amelia’s Eley Kishimoto Dooby dolls are £30, go get one!!

The Eley Kishimoto wall - I love the bunny bag.

I totally fell in love with this bear hat by Merri Making, and found it quite hard to walk away from although I do already have 2 animal hats….how many is too many?

Amelia and her dolls…

Hat - Merri Making, Jacket- Vintage, Cardigan-2nd hand, Skirt -xmas pressie from my mum, Boots - Pied a Terre, Bag - Doney and Bourke, Fabric Bag - Mulberry.

so unafraid in my youth by hi-im-aud featuring green home decor ❤ liked on Polyvore

Shirts top, €29 / Hooded denim jacket, €90 / Vintage high waisted shorts, €20 / Converse lace up shoes, €79 / Resin flower jewelry, €30 / Stolen Girlfriends Club long chain necklace, €190 / Appetizer dish, €14 / OKA green home decor, €44 / Drinkware, €13 / Spring home decor, €4,26 / DOOBYDOLLS BY AMELIA PEMBERTON DOOBY DOLLS GREEN/WHITE COTTON -, €32 / CACTACEAE, €2,68

Today I went to drop of the latest 52 dolls ordered by Eley Kishimoto for some shops in London will let you no in July, so keep your eyes peeled london doobydolls are coming!!

They are still on sale on my Website so please have a look click here 

I was also given some sweets from Wakako, they had a pile from Thailand.

Hope you like my photos above of the dolls disappearing into the background I was inspired by Emma Hack’s who is a skin artist.

click here to watch a video of her doing her magic


Doobydolls have collaborated with global fashion and design company Eley kishimoto to bring you a selection of 6 handmade Eley kishimoto printed Doobydolls.

They are now officially available to buy check here 


The biggest order I have ever had to fill is completed, I will miss my new friends I have been hanging out with the last few months but I am sure they will find a someone who will love them back to in JAPAN!! The box set series of ‘My so called life’ got me through sewing all the buttons.