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Doob’s Tales (2 of 2)

You have been tagged in this post because a YouTube account has been found that appears to be reposting your artwork.

The monetization status of this channel is uncertain.  Videos are monetized and do serve ads.  However, Heartbeat is currently awaiting an update to deal with changes that YouTube has made, so we cannot say more than, “Someone appears to be monetizing the videos.”  

In numerous cases, especially the earlier videos, artists are not credited.  We found what we could.

We are notifying you so that you may determine if your rights as artists have been infringed upon, and so that you can take whatever action you deem appropriate.  If you wish not to be tagged in further such posts, please let us know and we will do our best to exclude you in future.

Due to the sheer size, this Incident Report has been split into two parts.  This is Part 2 of 2.

The account name is: Doob’s Tales









@pawfulpuns (credited as, but reportedly is by @australet789 )






This is Incident 20.

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Doobs Part 2: One of My Favourites

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“You get on that bed, you undress yourself, and I’m gon’ come in in a minute… I’m gon’ make love to you tonight.”