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Gladio trying to be prim and proper at dinner and ignis is having a hard time not laughing because he's used to gladio not caring about his table manners so it's a little silly seeing him Try so hard. He appreciates the effort and opts for a more casual date next time (the way gladios face lights up over "next time" makes him Weak). And Iris is totally teasing Gladio the rest of the night and calling him a big dork

Oh my gosh, I can actually feel my heart glowing at this.  Just…Gladio being so nervous and trying to hard to impress his date…this is my newest weakness.  I’m hiding my face in my hands and squeaking.  And thank you Ignis for saying there’d be a “next time” because Gladio was definitely worried about that the entire time.  Thank you.

And OMG Prompto and Noctis totally WOULD spy on their date.  “Sssh, keep it down I’m trying to hear what they’re saying!”  And I can also imagine Iris spying on the date too…she’ll claim it’s to keep Prom and Noct out of trouble, but come on.  She totally wants to see how the date goes too.  So she can call Gladio a big dork later.  And to see him so happy.

It’s easy to make lines funny when you’re playing them to Andre. And the way that he’s playing that character, which is really quite deadpan and grounded, makes me want to be more annoying. I feel like at best, I’m America’s younger brother. My comedy is basically founded in annoying my sisters because I was the youngest and I wanted attention, so I’m bouncing around in a circle like a little yipping dog and poking at them and thinking of different ways to say the same thing over and over again until they finally laugh. And I’d say that is pretty indicative of my comedy career and style. So to have Andre there, who is as we say in episode, basically a statue, like an unmovable object, it’s fun. It makes me want to up my game and try and find cracks to sneak in through with silliness, and break the veneer. And I will say, I have made him break a couple of times. It’s been wildly satisfying.

Andy Samberg

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