Mythical Squad Aesthetics

Me - Mermaids brushing their hair under a purple willow tree, surrounded by skeletons of the people who fell victim to their song

starlass - fluffy Satyrs playing video games and chewing on grass, trying to adjust their glasses with their hooves

starsylph - Star Fairies gazing at their reflections in the far away ocean, floating in a summer breeze

chinnery - small Dragons curled up on your lap in the Autumn, munching on the marshmallows from your hot chocolate

horsejesus - The Yeti/Mountain spirits raving to shitty techno music, everyone wears flannel

rainbowgasms - Cute Vampires baking cupcakes for a nice family of alpacas wearing bowties and sailor hats

turkeyhole - a white phoenix flying through the Autumn trees carrying letters and packages to other birds and loved ones

smotheredcheesefries - A young werewolf awaiting for their Bat Mitzvah wearing a floral dress and sneaking tastes of their cake

stonerpony - the chupacabra laying on a beanbag chair smoking and watching 80’s movies with a cult following

doobs-the-name - Flower fairies making medicine for the sickly, while applying their eyeliner and singing gospel in the forest

zoichikanoe - Gnomes drinking berry juice and eating cakes, while building shoes for each other because they always wear out from the insane amount of sports.

Squadcannon Food Aesthetic

starlass as Doritos and Mountain Dew

starsylph as Floral sugar cookies and a nice white wine

zoichikanoe as Monster energy drink and Pocky

rainbowgasms as Red Velvet Cheesecake and Vodka

chinnery as a donut and a rootbeer float

horsejesus as week old pizza and lukewarm water

smotheredcheesefries as a chocolate milkshake and cheesits

Me as Chai tea and pasta alfredo

stonerpony as beef jerky and faygo

doobs-the-name as a finely aged red wine and pretzel sticks

turkeyhole as the sacrificial cup wine and a muffin


Jake and Amir: Doobs

This will never not be funny to me.

Watch on

Jake and Amir fans voted for Doobs and I to be in an episode together, so that is exactly what happened. You only have yourselves to blame. I present to you Jake and Amir: Movie Date (w/ Ben Schwartz and Thomas Middleditch). It is obviously insane.