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Nicknames: olive, latte

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5'0"

Last thing you googled: Harley Quinn injustice 2 :3

Favorite music artist: all over the place xD coldplay, imagine dragons, lady gaga, Bastille, zedd etc.

Song stuck in your head: Stronger than You (Steven universe xD)


What are wearing right now: Steven’s shirt and galaxy tights :D

Why did you choose your URL: coffee always makes me happy :D

What did your last relationship teach: don’t change for anyone. Ever. If they don’t put any effort or support you, leave them. (Coughtotallyhavebeeninotherrelationshipsandnottakingthisfromafriendshipcough)

Religious or spiritual: skip!

Favorite color: any shade of blue! (And black)

average hours of sleep: don’t matter what time I sleep, I always wake up at 6 am so barely 6-7 hours xD but other days I take 2 or 3 naps cause sleep is bliss

lucky number: TWENY WAN lmaoo

Favorite characters: my list is always varying but Iggy will always be number one 😍 following him, Harley Quinn, ghirahim, Lucina, 9s and das all I’m gonna put xD

how many blankets do you sleep with: I only need my cool as heck star wars blankie to keep me warm 😎 (and keep the monsters from eating me 😖)

dream job: ehh anything that has to do with my drawing skills :3 or helping people ^w^

being @gayradwhitedad ‘s friend means u automatically sign up for vore jokes and i still dont know how to deal w/ this information em im love u i promise