So, as some of you may surely have noticed, @rotoa was terminated. That was my main blog, and my main source of income, and as of right now, it is gone.

I have already contacted Tumblr staff and am awaiting their response. I’m trying to prepare for the worst, because as a friend has notified me, there is an equal chance of me getting back/losing my account for good. 

So, if you were previously following @rotoa, I would like to inform you that this will be my new main blog, and would ask that you follow me here, in case my old blog is not restored. 

If you could spread this around, that would be absolutely lovely, because I desperately want to regain the followers that I lost. This was my only way of making money, and I desperately need to be able to earn money now more than ever thanks to my mom’s fuck up screwing me and my dad over. 

Please, please, PLEASE reblog this. I’m super desperate and afraid of losing everything.

Thanks a bundle. ♥

- Rose

i cant believe michael mell killed everyone by just existing 

im love him