Haha I never posted this one here it seems. Really wonky because wow I got a little bit better at drawing since making this, somehow :0 I actually tweaked it a bit since its first posting. Still cute enough to share here though I hope. It just seems I have a thing for dressing them up and making them go out on dates pfff


I want a thing so I’m opening 7 slots for drawings just like this one. :D 

£20 GBP each for single characters and +15 for a second critter. I will work through the list over the next couple of weeks! 

I prefer to stick to toony animals and monster type characters because humans are smelly. :P

Poke me on Telegram @FlintEatswood or PM me here! Thanks for any interest!

I started this YONKS ago but was very slow to finish it up, so I hope it doesn’t look too dated character-wise. Was meant to finish it for Levi’s birthday but then didn’t because I’m an actual buttwipe. :( Finished it up quickly today. But yes, for cuddlehorse of course of his cute fluffmonster.

Gonna work on my commission queue tomorrow for reals now that my distractions are somewhat more limited! x3x 

Hrmmm I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink this is done enough to post it’s still a liiittle rough around the edges but AAH. It’s like 23:50 at my place it still counts!!! ;A;

BUT TODAY WAS THE LEMUR’S BIRTHDAY SO HERE’S A PRESENT FOR MY CHEESE PUFF. <3 I hope you like it, sweets. I am the worst last minute present boyfriend person lol.

EDIT 3 MONTHS LATER: Updated the image because I’ve sinced fixed and finished it up.