Sorry it’s rough and wonky  but I lost interest in the end and I guess it’s getting old fast but iunno this just made me laugh too hard. I wanted to giggle over Doctor Whooves’ pretty knickers a bit longer. Pinkie Pie also officially replaced Wakko Warner as my favourite toon at long last. Sorry Wakko. 

Yeah I’ve been working on something a bit silly for myself. ~u~; Hahaa, I totally wanted to make a dakimakura of my boyfriend’s pony, and then make one for him of mine. It’s all for giggles, but really it’d be nice to have a great big pillow with a cute pony printed on it to snuggle. 

Gonna paint a super adorable snoozing Choons for the other side of this eventually, and work on the Blitzy one. SILLY TIMES~

I started this YONKS ago but was very slow to finish it up, so I hope it doesn’t look too dated character-wise. Was meant to finish it for Levi’s birthday but then didn’t because I’m an actual buttwipe. :( Finished it up quickly today. But yes, for cuddlehorse of course of his cute fluffmonster.

Gonna work on my commission queue tomorrow for reals now that my distractions are somewhat more limited! x3x 

Hrmmm I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink this is done enough to post it’s still a liiittle rough around the edges but AAH. It’s like 23:50 at my place it still counts!!! ;A;

BUT TODAY WAS THE LEMUR’S BIRTHDAY SO HERE’S A PRESENT FOR MY CHEESE PUFF. <3 I hope you like it, sweets. I am the worst last minute present boyfriend person lol.

EDIT 3 MONTHS LATER: Updated the image because I’ve sinced fixed and finished it up.

I tried to doodle in Sai for once and ended up with rainbow puke. ono How do you guys even colour in that thing.

Flippy defends his manly headwear in every shade of minging. I draw him so grumpy lately goodness. .u. He’s a happy chappy I promise.

I figured I didn’t have a proper up to date colour picture of my grrsona as he looks of late so thought I’d just have it for the sake of the tag despite it being a little messy and sketchy. I started drawing him increasingly more gator-like. The anthro and dino-ish shapes I was trying out initially didn’t really work out. I think a chubby floppy lizard looks a lot better and is much easier to draw. -u- It’s nice to see how he has developed so far.

And just to clarify despite my url and gator nicknames, he is still just a regular ole dragon. Just a gator-shaped dragon.