Wow so happy i was finally able to see that

Wow so i’m not usually (ever) one of those people who talks about or gets super excited and/or emotional about a tv show but holy cow. The Newsroom Finale was a terribly amazing combination of throwing my arms up in joy and then seconds after going “nooooo damnit” I want to watch it again and again. 

okay so first of all will and mac. Will still loves mac. I’m sure of it. Even though Leona cut off the message at the end before he said it, Will loves mac. She loves him too. Holy cow. I just realized that Will doesn’t want to tell Mac what the message said because on the message he said “if the answer is no then don’t call me back or ever mention it again”(or something like that)So he’s spent the last couple of months in the newsroom thinking that Mac didn’t love him back and that she rejected him.Aaron Sorkin please please please let the two of them figure their shit out and get back together. Also when mac said “why because true love always wins?” and will said “yes” completely seriously and then realized what he said; he loves her. I hope i’m not the only one who did this when Will and Mac were in the office and she was asking about what the rest of the message said. Also by the news desk, I did this then too. 

Both Sloan and Don were characters who i wasn’t particularly fond of but liked some qualities and actions of theirs. Honestly I think they are both too aggressive, too much a like to be able to make it work out. But that being said, I have a new ship. Don and Sloan. Sloan really took Don by surprise when she said because he hadn’t asked her out, him asking why she was single proves that he’s thought about dating her; maybe during one of the breaks w/ Maggie. Seriously Don, I know you love Maggie or else you wouldn’t have talked about her so much so that they whole plane knew about her in a past episode, but you’re not in love with her. (If you were in love w/ her you wouldn’t have dated the other women in between bouts of dating mags. OR  even if you were in love w/ her and still dated them, you would have figured out how to tell her and work it out instead of lying to her.)Furthermore, Don doesn’t listen to Maggie and listening is one of the key parts of a working relationship. She has something very assertive and (great for her about time)Don interrupted her and then she lost her courage…………..(Interesting how I can see he is clearly not in love w/ her but can’t do the same in my own life:( ) Just like Maggie may love Don in her own way, it is no where near as strong as the chemistry of Jim and Maggie. Jim fucking chased her. They kissed and couldn’t/ didn’t want to pull away, they only pulled away when their brain got in the way. “I’m with Lisa…and you’re with Don” (for the record I firmly believe that it was part Lisa’s fault for getting hurt again because she saw the look on Maggie’s face when she said I love you and she paid attention. Then when she thought she had a second chance she selfishly took it, and of course with the aid of Maggie telling her to.) “I’m not sure I want to be”-That. Right.There. Seriously. Also another thing. Don is trying way too hard and instead of seeing that, Maggie falls for it. UGGGHH. It really sucks that neither Maggie nor Jim believe that they’re good enough for the other or that they deserve the best because if they did then they’d be together.

Finally, even though i’m pretty sure Charlie’s bullying and not believing is the reason that Solomen Hancock committed suicide, I fuckin’ love Charlie. Leona is a bitch but she gained like an eight of a point back when she was tellin reece that hacking wasn’t what she wanted. But of course back into the infinite negatvies she went when she deleted the message on the computer that proved Reece had ordered hacking. 

okay i think i’m done lol 

Apparently by my feeling the urge to add more i wasn’t done. Sorry lol For the record, I think the writer in me is why all of this character development stuff is driving me crazy.