Why I love Firefox: Tab Groups

In a previous post I wrote that Firefox has always been my favorite browser on Mac OS X. I’ll explain why in a series of short posts, starting today.

One of its most impressive, innovative and useful features 1 is Tab Groups, also known as Firefox Panorama.

This all started out last year as an add-on named Tab Candy, an initiative of Aza Raskin 2 when he was Creative Lead for Firefox. Tab Groups is now part of the browser since the release of Firefox 4.

As its name implies, this feature lets you group tabs. It’s dead simple to use, beautifully designed, and really helps you organize your 30+ opened tabs and focus on the task at hand when you spend your life in your browser and are a tab junky like me.

Some videos are worth a thousand words, so head on to these two short videos to know more about it.

That kind of unique, forward-thinking, game-changing things makes my geek life easier. That’s part why, unless another web browser does the same 3 or even better, I’ll stick with Firefox for now.

  1. And I’m not the only one to think about it that way, as there’s no shortage of enthusiastic reviews about it over the web. 

  2. Yes, Aza is Jef’s – the now defunct inventor of the Macintosh – son. Aza is one of these visionaries who inspired me a lot. I’ll blog about him one day. 

  3. It’s worth noting here that there’s now an open source equivalent for Chrome called Tab Sugar, though IMHO the experience is not as smooth and feature-packed as in Firefox.