Reaction to Supernatural: S1E1

First scene where Sam and Deans mom catches on fire:

When that guy gets murdered by the Lady In White:

Sam and Dean almost get run over by their own car and Sam in hanging off the side of the bridge:

When the Lady in White pops up in front of Sams car while he’s driving (Nearly gave me a heart attack):

The part where they’re fighting her and her ghost kids end up getting rid of her:

Sam goes home and Jessica is on the ceiling…on fire:

I was actually watching this in the dark, around 2:30 in the morning, and I freaked my dog out a couple of times from jumping and almost screaming. Nevertheless I fell in love with this show from the first episode and am currently on Season 6. :3

About to work on a cover of a song because no one is home and I’m self-conscious about my singing, then suddely:

*bang!* “HEY! IS ANYONE HOME!?”

My bro kicks in the door and starts yelling. 

Me and my bro. 

Seriously. he’s like a black haired version of America, it’s crazy. 

And then my dog starts barking. This is her whenever someone walks in the door:

Her and I ultimately end up having a yelling contest and then everyone gets mad.

Anyway, I’m going to have to wait another two weeks until I make my video, but I might find time to work on my Hetalia Reader-insert, which I will post on here! :3

I’m procrastinating on my Supernatural reaction, but I promise I’ll upload it later, after I go get some manga from the library and buy some food.