It’s 1 PM Mountain time, the trade deadline has come and gone, the Avalanche did not trade a single player. Reporters surround GM Sakic who is eating a donut in a coffee shop in Ottowa. When asked why no trades were made he gave them this exclusive statement (mouth full of donuts): “That was today?”


My wife and I had a long layover in Denver yesterday so we took a train into the city visited some coffee shops, donut shops, and the museum of contemporary art. I didn’t take any photos of the labels so I can’t tell you who created what- but I do remember that the first piece is by Hanski. The second to last image is painted on the walls of the teen art exhibition space and I thought it was really beautiful. The MCA in Denver was really great the exhibits were really interesting and colorful and felt very relevant. If you’re in the area I definitely recommend visiting!

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Ugh where I work we serve ice cream but we are mostly a coffee/donut shop. We have a drive thru but no ice cream menu outside to encourage people to come inside (but they can technically still order through DT). So one guy pulls up and says "okay I want 5 ice creams, will that be okay?" *scream internally* yes we can do 5 ice creams! (5 is our limit for DT, you come inside for more). He ends up ordering 9 ice creams and gets mad when I tell him to come inside NEXT time

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Hello lovely! I had to ask, does Peyroux have a sort of Witches Guild or Collective where aspiring and skilled witches alike can sit for a spell and discuss their magical and mundane lives? (I've been working on a new spell and to get a second opinion from the esteemed witches of Peyroux in a place of power would be most excellent!). Thank you for your time, Atticus!

There are so many witches practicing so many variants within magic that, for the purposes of a generalized need, requests, and learning, folk usually just ask a neighbor. If said neighbor cannot handle the spell or has other business to tend, the idea gets passed around until someone is available and willing.

If you’re just looking to talk shop, many folk hang out at Donut Be Afraid, the coffee shop, and ask about in a similar fashion to the above. Or if you need something discovered, Second Story Used Books will find your best bet. And if it is plant based, Ground Floor Plants & More (look for the gargoyle).

That’s Who I Am

Request: Wally’s s/o helps him to escape the speed force  

Relationship: Lover

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Barry and Wally

Warnings: N/A

You groaned as you sat in a diner waiting for the man you met here almost every day. The coffee warmed your hands and helped to keep you wake. The door chimed the noise sent a shooting pain through your skull.

“Look at you.” A voice said before sitting in the booth across from you.

“Shut up Allen. I haven’t been getting any sleep.” You snapped at the blonde across from you before taken a drink of coffee. You couldn’t remember when you met Barry Allen but you knew that you were close to each other, enough to call each other family.

“Another all night project?” Barry asked as he looked through the menu at superspeed.

“I wish. I keep having this dream.” Barry sets the menu down and waves over the waitress, the young girl walked over and takes your orders. Once she leaves Barry speaks.

“What’s it about?” You swallow the coffee in your mouth before speaking.

“It some guy in a yellow suit with a red lighting bolt, kinda like the Flash. He calling my name and asking for help saying that he is running out of time.” You look down at the half-empty mug of coffee the light brown liquid was still in the mug.

“I wake up feeling like I’m about to lose someone close to me.” Barry rests his hands on your hand causing the coffee to ripple.

“After breakfast, I’m going to take you somewhere ok?” You looked up at him raising an eyebrow. It wasn’t like Barry to be like this but you simply nodded.

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I triggered someone just by existing once.

This was back in college, a while ago (1990s). I was in a Krispy Kreme donut shop drinking coffee, hanging out with some friends, talking about tests, procrastinating studying. It was late at night and the place was mostly empty, but since it was next to a college it got steady business from locals, students and cops (of course).

The middle-aged white man in the booth next to us began yelling, very loudly, about how “we should have killed all the g**ks”. How his government betrayed him. They should have finished the job. And now all the g**ks were here, right here. They were letting them into his country and treating them better than the soldiers who’d fought against them. He wasn’t staring at me, but it was obvious he’d seen me. I was right in his line of sight. As soon as he saw me looking, he launched into another “kill all the g**ks” rant like a doll with a broken string. His head moved in strange jerky ways and everyone else in the coffee shop had gone dead silent.

I got up and said something like, “well maybe they don’t like you either.” I don’t remember exactly. It didn’t make much sense. I had a huge fear/adrenaline rush and if I didn’t say something, anything, I felt like I was going to die. He got up and started screaming at me, poking his fingers at my face, telling me what his government and the g**ks had done to him, how he deserved more…

My friends cringed away and hunched down in their booth. In their defense, none of them were US citizens like me, they were petrified and they knew if something violent went down they’d probably get kicked out of the country. Also, this was in Florida, where everyone has guns. The Krispy Kreme attendant lady picked up her broom and screamed at everyone to calm the hell down or she was going to call the cops. The only person who came directly to my defense was an older redneck white dude who immediately placed himself between us and started yelling that he was a Vietnam vet too, betrayed by his government, except he wasn’t a racist son of a bitch who’d attack a woman. The two of them shouted at each other, came close to throwing punches… and then the cops showed up. The guy who’d been screaming g**k at me went outside and argued with the cops—I heard him screaming out there for what seemed like an eternity while the cops tried to talk him down patiently. 

I thanked the redneck dude from the bottom of my heart, and my friends and I bought him some donuts. After about half an hour the cops arrested the guy outside… for driving under the influence, because apparently he was on major medication and had his drivers license revoked but had tried to drive off anyway. It was finally safe for us to leave the Krispy Kreme.

I didn’t talk about this episode for a long time, although it obviously had a big effect on me. Many years later, the first time I wrote it up and explained how it happened publicly, I had a lot of sympathetic responses… but a large minority of people who blamed me for being mean to the vet. I should have been more considerate of his feelings. I shouldn’t have involved the police (I didn’t even call the police). I should have magically defused the situation by some other means, I guess. I was a privileged Asian college student and he was a poor mentally ill veteran and I was being reverse racist. I didn’t take those criticisms seriously but it just goes to show where the baseline of sympathy lies in this society. 

Something Crazy ( Au)

Summary: You are really bored with your life and decide to go to one adventure with your Best Friend Natasha. What could happen?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1111 ( I love this.)

Warnings: This is a series probably it’s going to have 7 parts.

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You wake up feeling bored with your life. This feeling isn’t something new it’s been awhile since you felt the thrill of being young and being in your early 20, you are sick of your boring job and the day to day responsibility’s.

You stay in bed for a while and think about everything you could do in this Saturday. Read a book and watch TV it seems a really mundane activity for the beautiful sunny day that was today.

You wanted to do something new and adventurous.

You barge in your roommate and best friend Natasha room and sit in her bed “ Do you want to do something crazy today ?” she sits up “ I am always up for crazy. What do you have in mind?” you gave her a mischievous smile “Pack your bags for one week. Basics only.”

Half hour later you two are in the car and you are driving. “So what got in to you? You never this spontaneous.“ You want to argue but you know that she is right she was the fun friend you were the responsible one.

” A month’s i wanted to go to the beach and do nothing for one whole week but i always postpone so today i wake up and think why not?“ she laughs and grabs her coffee ” I like this side of yours its wild and was time you leave the house of your own free will.“

"Shut up Nat.” she offers you a donut of your favorite coffee shop” I only saying its being 8 months since you broke up with him you need to have fun.“ you groan and take a bite of your donut "I went out last week to the night club with you. I had fun even”

“Okay but what was the last time you had a orgasm?” you pretend to think for a while “Last night.“ she chokes on her drink “One that you didn’t gave yourself.” This time you really think about it “About two years and yes he never gave me one orgasm he was really selfish in bed.“

“And you still date him for more than one year. You only dump him when you found it that he was lying for you about his job. You need a new man someone who will make you fell alive and enjoy yourself. ”

She was right maybe you should try to date again before your ex you really enjoyed sex with other people “Put some music we still have two and half hours until we arrive at my parents’ beach house and i tired of talking about my sex life or the lack off.“

For the rest of the trip you two continue to talk about your lives, sing every song that came in to the radio and eat all the junk food that was in the car .After three hours, a lot of heartbroken songs, i don’t need man songs and 4 bathroom breaks in gas station you are finally at your parent’s beach house.

The house was exactly like you remember the big pool in the backyard, the living room decorated all in blue and white and your room in a light pink shade. It’s been so much time since you being here.

“You can put your things in the guest room.” She agrees and disappears. You place your things on the bed and change in your favorite black bikini, a pair of shorts and a plain comfy white t-shit.

In 15 minutes you are both with your feet’s on the pool talking “This place is amazing i would be here every weekend if i were you.” You laugh “When i was teenager i even had my first time in this house but when I got accept in college i didn’t have the time anymore. Life became too crazy”

“You don’t have any food here let’s go to the market before i die of starvation.” You laugh and help her to get up “How dramatic are you? Let’s go drama queen.“

You two split in the supermarket and you catch everything you wouldn’t eat in your regular basis. Cookies, chocolate bars, Twinkies and other things really caloric are in your basket. You see your favorite chips in the highest shelf you try to catch but you can’t. Why these things have to be so high?

After a god 5 minutes jumping you hear someone laughing. A tall really handsome man with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair grabs the chips and hand to you “Thank you so much.”

“It’s my pleasure i couldn’t let a beautiful girl without her chips.” Oh boy he was trouble “Please tell me this is not you trying to hit on me.“ he laughs and push his hair back “Of course not Doll, i am simply being honest… I am Bucky.’

You laugh and introduce yourself to him "What kind of name is Bucky?” he is waking with you in the aisle grabbing a few things for him “ My name is James but my friends call me Bucky.” you grin at him “We are friends now?“

"We can whatever you wanted to be.” Before you can respond you hear Natasha screaming your name “Here you are i look everywhere for you. Who is the guy? He is cute and has nice hair not my type but cute.”

“Natasha, please forgive her she was born without a filter.” he laughs” The best people usually are.“ You feel something inside you he was flirting with her? You wouldn’t be jealous of a guy that you just meet could you? "So doll can i have your number? I could cook you some real dinner or help you drink all that vodka.”

You give him a small smile “Of course she is going to give you her number, you two had a meet cute is destiny,“ feeling bold and a little flirt ” No if it’s meant to be we are going to meet again.“ You give him a kiss on the cheek and went straight to the register.

Five minutes later Nat enter the car with you ” You were fearless back them. I am proud of you.“ You give her a smile and roll your eyes ” He wanted sex darling i only put him in his place.“ she aggress again "But he was cute.” you make a weird face “Super cute.”

“Let’s go we have a pool to ourselves and this ice cream is not going to eat itself.“ she gives you cheeky smile” The same goes to the vodka sweetheart and i don’t put my favorite bikini for nothing.”

Part 2

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Donut shops and coffee wearing Levi’s . Love the fall vibes and comfort of these 5O1® CT babes…and how effortlessly stylish they are. #ad #LadiesInLevis

Donut Be Afraid opens in the village of Peyroux

“Coffee and donuts, nothing more or less. Run by a ghost, open to all.”

Donut is a small shop with only a few stools — most customers grab their order on the way from hither to thither. If you eat your treat on site, however, you will note a glyph by your seat. Press it, and the world goes silent. Press it again and sound resumes.


Sugar Glazed Donuts | Yoonmin, coffee shop!AU

Length: chaptered, on-going

Pairings: YoonMin (side TaeKook)

Rating: T

Genre: coffee shop!AU, romance, enemies to lovers, pining, eventual angst/drama, also humor

Summary: Park Jimin is forced to find a new job after getting fired from his past job in a fast food chain restaurant. The reason? Throwing a large-size cup of coke at a client. Now, he has three weeks to impress a training manager at Dunkin’ Donuts if he wants to get hired, but Min Yoongi isn’t easily impressed. Nor friendly. He is very witty and good-looking, though, but that doesn’t really help. In fact, it only makes everything worse.

Notes: technically a Dunkin’ Donuts!AU, but there’s no such a tag yet. Prequel to Put All the Ingredients on the Table

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That ‘wonder how an author would describe me in a book’ thing came across my dash and I have decided to gift you all with this:

“For someone that took baths as much as e did eir hair was near always greasy. Makeup seemed to run off eir face, leaving trails down eir eyes by the end of the day and failing to hide anything substantial. The only region kept immaculate being eir lipstick which seemed incapable of smearing.

Currently eir lipstick was proving its power as e quickly ate down a powdered jelly-filled donut from eir favorite coffee shop. E licked eir lips but no matter how often e tried the white powder seemed glued to eir once sticky lipstick (which, even now, did not move from the places it had been applied). The coffee was no help either, dribbling from the edges of the too full cup onto eir cloths. E was used to it by now, the inability to keep clean, so eir floral patterned button down hardly showed the stains as e ran to catch eir train to work.”

And, before you ask, yes this was 100% an excuse to use my pronouns for myself. Sue me, I love them.