Donuts Coffee Shop - Scale model - Park Slope by Randy Hage on Flickr.


Here’s yesterday’s vlog.

I study some Jquery/html/css and go to Sugar Shack Donuts and Adbibo Coffee Shop.

Check it.
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49th Parallel & Lucky’s Doughnuts

When the weather is as dreadful as it has been, there’s no better place to be than inside of a coffee shop with a warm beverage and a treat in hand. OH WAIT, 49th Parallel can satisfy both of those things! Given that it was also still the Hot Chocolate Festival, they had some combos available to sweeten the deal (ba dum tsst).

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Dunkin’ Donuts Signs Multi-Year Agreement With USA Hockey

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — USA Hockey announced today a new multi-year partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts, including designation of Dunkin’ Donuts as the Official Coffee Shop of USA Hockey and the U.S. Women’s National Team.

Dunkin’ Donuts will sponsor the U.S. Women’s National Team as it participates in key events, including the 2017 International Ice Hockey Federation Women’s World Championship and the 2017 Women’s Four Nations Cup. Dunkin’ Donuts’ agreement also includes advertising and the brand’s logo featured on team practice jerseys.

In addition, Dunkin’ Donuts will receive recognition during USA Hockey’s National Championships and also in USA Hockey Magazine, the most widely distributed hockey magazine in the world.

“Dunkin’ Donuts is an iconic American brand with a long history of supporting the sport of hockey,” said Lee Meyer, senior director of marketing for USA Hockey. “We are thrilled that Dunkin’ Donuts is now the official coffee shop of USA Hockey and our women’s national team and greatly appreciate their support.”

“As the brand that keeps America running, Dunkin’ Donuts is proud to be a sponsor of USA Hockey and its U.S. Women’s National Team. We’re excited about the team’s participation in signature championship events and activities in the coming years, particularly as they get ready to compete on the world’s biggest stage,” said Tom Manchester, Vice President, Field Marketing, Dunkin’ Brands. “We look forward to working with USA Hockey to further advance our commitment to support female athletes and help drive awareness of the increasingly popular sport of women’s hockey.”…

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Revealing what’s good and bad in the art of stress eating

By: May Fernanda R. Escobin

Stress eating is now as normal as breathing. We normally do this because we believe in the fact that food provides our bodies with fuel and feed our emotional need. For example, you are overwhelmed with school works, you prefer to eat chocolates or drink plenty of coffee and donut on your favorite coffee shop. Or, you were not really hungry but because you need to feel happy, you buy ice cream and cake. That shows the inconspicuous significance of food in our lives, especially on the emotional quotient of a human being. You are sometimes eating not because you are hungry, but because you need something which will make you stay awake or, will feel satisfaction while doing a stressful work. This leads to overeating or binge eating disorder. This will lead to stress eating. It’s true that people who binge often do so to numb emotions such as upsetting, painful, or sad feelings. But most people who turn to food because of how they’re feeling do not have binge eating disorder. “We all have our comfort foods,” says Randy Flanery, PhD, program director for Webster Wellness Professionals in St. Louis, MO.

If you binge, you eat much more than others would in similar situations. Those with this disorder also feel like they have no control over their eating during a binge. They usually feel very upset, guilty, or shameful about their eating. If that sounds like you, see a mental health expert for proper diagnosis and treatment

But what are the real signs of stress eating?

·         Something stressful happens, and you immediately want to eat.True hunger isn’t affected by things like getting into a fight with your spouse or having a bad day at work.

·         An overwhelming urge to eat comes on suddenly. Real, physical hunger builds up slowly. You shouldn’t go from “fine” to “starving” in an instant.

·         You only desire one particular food. When you're hungry, you might have a but you know other options would be OK. If you’d only be satisfied by chips or ice cream, assume the urge to eat is emotional.

It is true that anxiety and stress lead us to find the comfort food we desire. It has no comparison with people drinking alcohol when stressed, it turns out to be food because they do not know how to control their emotions, as they do not know how to control the way they would convert emotions or treat the emotions.

As I have said earlier, stress eating becomes normal only when people know the right definition of it. Not over powering the emotions, people should know the limit of how stress eating could ease the pain or stress for a short period of time only and not to abuse its use. Eating is not a bad habit unless people are aware of the results that might happen if have been abused.

Conversion of unwanted emotions such as stress could be done in so many ways not only eating, but since it is the most efficient and relaxing way to do, one should be suggested all the time and it is to Eat Mindfully. ”Emotional eaters feel as if they’re not in control, but the wonderful thing about mindful eating is that when you’ve mastered it, you feel you are in control - and if you keep practicing, you’ll be in control.“


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May Fernanda R. Escobin

Feature Article: A Requirement for Prelim

To Sir Elvin Valerio

January 27, 2016

8 Unexpected Places to Eat King Cake in NOLA This Carnival Season

Come one, come all. Festival season is upon us and we all know what that means – the annual rise of the infamous king cake. When most of us think of this classic Mardi Gras treat, our minds jump straight to the traditional cinnamon brioche topped with green, purple and gold icing; however, if you explore NOLA, a whole new world of king cake surprises awaits you.

As restaurants and bakeries put their own creative twist on this festival season delicacy, it makes you wonder what really even counts as king cake anymore. On the other hand, though, if it tastes, smells, or even resembles king cake, who really cares?

King Cake Donut from District Donuts Sliders Brew

The traditional king cake has officially been transformed into a donut by the help of District Donuts Sliders Brew. This coffee and donut shop has created a cinnamon-cardamom cream cheese-filled donut topped with carnival-colored frosting and orange zest to give it that zippy acidic kick.

King Cake Monkey Bread from Emeril’s

The modern upscale New Orleans restaurant Emeril’s has found a way to turn king cake into monkey bread. Flavors change weekly and include bananas foster, pralines ‘n cream, cafe brulot, brand milk punch, and chocolate strawberry. You can’t go wrong no matter what week you go, but be sure to stop in before this limited edition dessert is no longer offered.

King Cake Sundae from Coquette

The pastry-like traditional king cake dessert takes a new turn, thanks to the help of Coquette, which has successfully created a delectable king cake sundae. It’s hard to beat fried brioche balls with carnival colored sugar accompanied by scoops of strawberry, cinnamon, and cream cheese ice cream.

King Cake Macaroon from Sucré

Would you ever picture king cake in macaroon form? Neither would I, but it actually exists. Be sure to stop by Sucré where they are making their signature macaroons in the classic carnival colors of purple, green, and gold.

King Cake Burger from Food Drunk Food Truck

If you attended King Cake Festival last year at the Super Dome, there was no way you could have missed the one and only king cake burger. Sweet, yet savory, this angus brisket burger topped with cheddar cheese on a purple, green and gold brioche bun topped with icing is a must-have. Never will you be able to taste something like this anywhere else but the Food Drunk Food Truck.

King Cake Crepe from Toast

Just when you thought king cake couldn’t get any crazier, Toast breaks out a king cake crepe that is sweet, sugary heaven in dough form. This dessert served for brunch is a light, airy treat stuffed with a classic cinnamon filling surrounded by maple syrup and Mardi Gras-colored sprinkles.

King Cake Milkshake from Charcoals Gourmet Burger Bar

Charcoals Gourmet Burger Bar took the king cake milkshake to a whole new level. Rather than using the real rich flavors of the king cake itself, they have incorporated king cake-flavored vodka into their ice cream-rich dessert. There’s nothing better than a nice buzz and the sweet taste of king cake.

King Cake Latte from Rivista

Rivista has found a way to infuse the sweet flavors of king cake into a latte. This is certainly a go-to on a cold day during the festival season.

Just because my list stops here, doesn’t mean there aren’t dozens of other king cake delights waiting to be discovered. In the upcoming weeks, attend the annual King Cake Festival on January 31 and discover even more twists on the original New Orleans dessert.

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