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When you talked about the "negative energy" that the Fake Shadow Selves in TUUSH are seeking, what term did they use? Did they say kegare?

((Ha Ha, I know where you are going! 

Unfortunately, it’s only called “That sparkeling light” so far. (Yes, I know that’s pretty lame, but that’s all they have called it so far). I have yet to play an Arcade mode where Sho or SHO directly call the stuff by “name”. And the ones who nicknamed it “That sparkling light” are Yu and Teddie, so… X’D

Would be really cool if it turned out to really be P2’s kegare. Finally tie it all back together, you know.))

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Seeing what wound up happening makes me very grateful it wasn’t Nyarls. I’m still assmad about them now showing who else was a part of that Shadow Ops image from Arena.

Oh GOD yeah, I couldn’t agree more there. Especially with that whole “the power of our bonds will defeat you” blehhh…Still, the ending to Arena made us excited to see him return and then we got punched in the face. Wait, hold on, they didn’t reveal the other members from that pic? Why am I even bothering trying to finish P3’s story mode now…
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Nope. They didn’t bother to show Totally-Not-Nanjo with Absolute-Not-Katsuya, and Most-Definitely-Not-Eriko. Worst part is they leave you with a cliffhanger about the SO. The Public Safety assholes from the first game are out to shut them down.

Are you serious. So then it ends like that. See this is why I get this feeling that Atlus had something totally different planned out for this whole Arena thing and then, for some reason, they went with this. Did they at least continue Elizabeth’s story from the cliffhanger from the last game? Ugh, now I just want to skip story mode all together, this is a bummer… It’s like they had an opportunity to finally connect all the games together, and then… donutjones replied to your post:donutjones replied to your post:I might be mad…

This shit would not flow if Nanjo was around.

I miss Nanjo so much ;A;