Tfw someone you are confronted by your friend who has possessed the body of a teenage boy who works at a donut store but you don’t know your friend has possessed them and they go on to say your name and yell that they are the person that they have possessed

I think the best experience i’ve had with pokemon go so far is with one of the pokestops

no, i didn’t meet someone nice at one of them


one of the pokestops in my town is a 9/11 memorial that’s dedicated to my dad

it’s my pokestop

and i love it

it’s also located next to a teeny strip mall with a dunkin donuts and convenience store so

it’s awesome

So my girlfriend @nova-crafts and I were out on a walk at like 1:30am and we see two guys walking towards us with something big. I thought oh looks like a mattress maybe they’re moving or something. Well no as they get closer we saw they were carrying a giant Dunkin Donuts store sign. Thank you Roxborough.

There really needs to be a coffee place that’s open all night and isn’t Dunkin Donuts or a convenience store, but an actual proper coffee place where you can get a posh tea and a hipster sandwich and sit and write for a few hours. Everyone knows that writers and college students are nocturnal, and everyone knows that writers and students ply their trades from coffee shops. Why is nothing open past 9 (and most close much much earlier than that)? I just want to go out for a tea or latte at 3AM like a completely ordinary person who is definitely not a vampire.

Well, I put in an application with a local Dunkin Donuts store that’s looking for a baker. Got a call today, offered $9/Hr full time hours but no benefits. They need someone who can start right away, and I’d prefer to give two weeks notice. Going tomorrow to speak with their manager and look over their setup, find out expectations…

I want to look at their kitchen, how clean is it…is stuff labeled and rotated properly, things like that… Make sure I wouldn’t be walking into a disaster, and not burning a bridge if I leave speedway.