my stim toy collection


i’m afraid i don’t have a good photo of my entire collection (besides, i have new ones arriving soon anyways, so it’d be a lil bit silly to take a big photo and then have to take another one a week later), so i’ve written it out in text post form ^^

all of these are kept in my handmade super mario bros drawstring bag! i’ve been thinking about making a second bag, for home items, while my first bag becomes a school and home one. i’m not sure yet.


  • chewable goomba teether
  • stimtastic pink donut necklace and three gem necklace


  • two bootleg “loose” tangles (clear, clear orange and clear lavender, and one the colour of the flag of germany)
  • tangle relax
  • textured tangle jr (pink, blue and red) ((this one’s loose from too much use, so i don’t use it often)
  • five normal tangle jrs (yellow orange mix, clear pink and blue, blue and green, translucent rainbow, pink and purple)
  • tangle snapz bracelet

fidget cubes:

  • grey, black and red gamer version
  • black and pink version
  • white blue and red 2cm lanyard version
  • tiedye/rainbow wave version
  • ocean pattern
  • emerald with green buttons
  • space print with red buttons
  • union jack fidget cube
  • white and blue

other fidget cubes:

  • white black and blue 12 sided holy crystal cube
  • rounded fidget cube, black and green


  • fnaf bonnie and freddy tsumtsums
  • zipper bracelet (used to have two, lost one)
  • spiked rubber ball
  • disco glide ball
  • white and blue spinner
  • blue and red spinner

i think i’m forgetting a fidget cube but aah that’s all of it i think! can you guess what my favourite stim toys are? (hint: it’s fidget cubes)

i bought a stim toy offa stimtastic and im lowkey afraid to use it already and i havent even gotten it yet
adults love to make fun of stimming/coping mechanisms but for me it’s either grind my teeth to the gum or chew on a soft silicone donut necklace so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the signs based on people I know
  • Aries: hazel eyes, energetic laughter, truth or dare, archery, drunk kisses at the beach
  • Taurus: trench coats, powdered donuts, tapering wrists, jade necklaces, inside jokes
  • Gemini: silhouettes, short hair, sunday brunch, whispered doubts, platonic love
  • Cancer: red hair, electric guitar, paintings of the universe, rooftop conversations, bruises
  • Leo: linked arms, sunglasses, speech and debate team, rolling eyes
  • Virgo: sleepless nights, dyed hair, sticky notes, cursive, camel cigarettes
  • Libra: crop tops, beautiful voices, hugs from behind, innocent smirks, amethysts
  • Scorpio: black boots, strawberry starburst, gray morning skies, hickeys, loyalty
  • Sagittarius: glasses, standing up for the underdog, yellow scarves, Spanish class, sweaters
  • Capricorn: hot chocolate, red-tailed hawks, the hawaiian islands, rubies, king sized beds
  • Aquarius: wavy hair, amusement parks, dancing to show tunes, unrequited love, vanilla perfume
  • Pisces: chatting at midnight, burning leaves with magnifying glasses, promises, dolphins, never have I ever

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