Stim Toy Starter Pack Giveaway

This giveaway is for 3 stim toy starter packs. 

It’s open to autistic people (self or formally dx) who are in need of stim toys (i.e. have only a few or none). 

If this describes you, let me know which starter pack you’d like if you win, either in a reblog or an answer to this post. Three winners will be randomly selected at noon ET on Tuesday Sept. 19th. 

Stim Toy Starter Pack 1

Photo description: A group of five stim toys. From top left, a light purple donut shaped chewable necklace on a black cord, an acupressure ring made of gold color wire folded into a wreath shaped configuration, a fidget necklace consisting of a dark grey bead encircled by two concentric circle beads, a lanyard made of varying color grey and silver plastic beads, and a large light pink strawberry squishy on a small black lanyard. 

Stim Toy Starter Pack 2

Photo description: A group of four stim toys and a pin. From top left, a black donut shaped chewable necklace on a black cord, a lanyard made of alternating black and clear sparkly plastic beads, a yellow owl pin with the words “Happy Flappy!” written above its head, a fidget necklace consisting of a very dark blue bead suspended in a round silver circular bead, and a large watermelon squishy.

Stim Toy Starter Pack 3 

Photo description: A group of five stim toys. From top left, a dark blue donut shaped chewable necklace on a black cord, a lanyard made of light and dark blue sparkly plastic beads, a 48-piece green and blue snap and click fidget, a fidget necklace consisting of a turquoise color bead suspended in a round silver circular bead, and a light green U-shaped chewable tube on a black necklace cord.  

Detailed Entry rules: 

  1. Giveaway is open only to autistic people, including self-diagnosed, in need of stim toys. 
  2. Giveaway is open worldwide.
  3. To enter reblog with a comment or answer this post, mentioning which number stim toy pack you’d like to get receive if you win.
  4. Giveaway closes at noon ET on Tuesday Sept. 19th. 
  5. Three random winners will be chosen.
  6. Winners must have an open submit or messaging option so I can contact them and must be willing to provide a mailing address to receive their items. 

Good Luck! 

So my order from Stimtastic arrived today (just in time for a major storm that destroyed my spoons for today) and I felt like doing a review on the chews cause they are the most important thing to me!

Handheld Raccoon Chew - 8/10

This was the first thing I grabbed for when I opened up my package. The raised texture on the back (in the shapes of seeds) are very fun to mess with and there’s a wide variety of textures on this to chew at. I really like to fidget with it as well.

It had a strange, thin film of a powered substance on it when I first went to chew it, but that may be my fault as I really should rinse them before use.

Donut Necklace Chew - 8/10

Now this usually comes on a necklace, but necklaces are hard for me (for reasons beyond sensory issues) so I had removed the black necklace string and replaced it with the chew lanyard. I love the variety of textures, as I did with the Raccoon. It’s fun to mess with the sprinkles and the hole in the center while I chew on it.

Chew Lanyard - 9/10

This thing is amazing like… Wow. I love that all the balls aren’t attached and the fact that they made a rainbow order one makes me SO happy. Messing with each individual ball is nice but it’s also fun to try and chew multiple at a time.

The only thing I wish for it was that it was a bit more stretchy.

Overall - 9/10

I would definitely buy from Stimtastic again. The quality is nice and really cute. IN the same package I bought a Waterproof Stim Toy Pouch, a Stretchy Caterpillar and a Pop Toob. I might do a review on those things if I find time. Also, I got a free bracelet in my package. It says “Just Keep Stimming” on it and it’s blue and I’m so happy cause Blue is man fave color.

I only have one issue with them all and that’s that they feel too hard to chew right now. For now I’m gonna assume it’s just them being new that’s causing that issue, but they almost feel like the XXT level of toughness that ARK sells. I’m a heavy chewer but my jaw is weak so… IDK.

I’m pretty bad at reviews, I know… But if you have any questions about these, don’t hesitate to ask!

gooeyfeathers  asked:

hey i got ur weighted lizard toy and ur chewable donut necklace and gosh they are so high quality and nice. I named the lizard danny, I hope you have a wonderful day friend<3

Awww, thank you! and Danny is lucky to have found such a nice home with you. :)

my stim toy collection


i’m afraid i don’t have a good photo of my entire collection (besides, i have new ones arriving soon anyways, so it’d be a lil bit silly to take a big photo and then have to take another one a week later), so i’ve written it out in text post form ^^

all of these are kept in my handmade super mario bros drawstring bag! i’ve been thinking about making a second bag, for home items, while my first bag becomes a school and home one. i’m not sure yet.


  • chewable goomba teether
  • stimtastic pink donut necklace and three gem necklace


  • two bootleg “loose” tangles (clear, clear orange and clear lavender, and one the colour of the flag of germany)
  • tangle relax
  • textured tangle jr (pink, blue and red) ((this one’s loose from too much use, so i don’t use it often)
  • five normal tangle jrs (yellow orange mix, clear pink and blue, blue and green, translucent rainbow, pink and purple)
  • tangle snapz bracelet

fidget cubes:

  • grey, black and red gamer version
  • black and pink version
  • white blue and red 2cm lanyard version
  • tiedye/rainbow wave version
  • ocean pattern
  • emerald with green buttons
  • space print with red buttons
  • union jack fidget cube
  • white and blue

other fidget cubes:

  • white black and blue 12 sided holy crystal cube
  • rounded fidget cube, black and green


  • fnaf bonnie and freddy tsumtsums
  • zipper bracelet (used to have two, lost one)
  • spiked rubber ball
  • disco glide ball
  • white and blue spinner
  • blue and red spinner

i think i’m forgetting a fidget cube but aah that’s all of it i think! can you guess what my favourite stim toys are? (hint: it’s fidget cubes)

the signs based on people I know
  • Aries: hazel eyes, energetic laughter, truth or dare, archery, drunk kisses at the beach
  • Taurus: trench coats, powdered donuts, tapering wrists, jade necklaces, inside jokes
  • Gemini: silhouettes, short hair, sunday brunch, whispered doubts, platonic love
  • Cancer: red hair, electric guitar, paintings of the universe, rooftop conversations, bruises
  • Leo: linked arms, sunglasses, speech and debate team, rolling eyes
  • Virgo: sleepless nights, dyed hair, sticky notes, cursive, camel cigarettes
  • Libra: crop tops, beautiful voices, hugs from behind, innocent smirks, amethysts
  • Scorpio: black boots, strawberry starburst, gray morning skies, hickeys, loyalty
  • Sagittarius: glasses, standing up for the underdog, yellow scarves, Spanish class, sweaters
  • Capricorn: hot chocolate, red-tailed hawks, the hawaiian islands, rubies, king sized beds
  • Aquarius: wavy hair, amusement parks, dancing to show tunes, unrequited love, vanilla perfume
  • Pisces: chatting at midnight, burning leaves with magnifying glasses, promises, dolphins, never have I ever
ok i know nobody wants to hear this but it needs to be said:

carolina owns cowboy boots.  im sorry