donut wake up

Imagine Jeonghan bringing home donuts in the morning. He waits for you to wake up, but the wait is too long and he eats his. He waits even longer, and ends up eating yours.

Steven Universe Theory

What if when the last episode happens, it ends with Steven waking up in his bed with two cats. One sleeping at the foot of his bed with a pink collar, and the other is playing his sheets with a green collar. Steven yawns and goes “Good Morning Peridot, Good Morning Lion”. He walks down stairs and we see Pearl cooking breakfast, but she’s clearly Human. “Good Morning Steven!” Pearl says without losing her concentration from cooking. “Morning Pearl. Do I smell Bacon!” Steven exclaims. “Yes, it’s for everyone else! You know I can’t stand meat, it’s disgusting! Anyway, did you sleep well?” And Steven goes “No, I heads weird dream about a war with aliens” and Pearl laughs and goes “That does sound crazy! But never mind that, go wake up your sister and cousin! Aunt Ruby and Sapphire should be back any minute with Donuts from The Big Donut” And Steven wakes up his sister, Amethyst, who’s under a mess of covers and starts groaning when Steven politely asks her to get up. He goes to wake up his cousin, Garnet, but she’s wide awake and doing Push Ups. She sees Steven and stops to give him a hug and kiss on the cheek and places him on her shoulders. She carries him down stairs and Amethyst follows behind real groggy like. They start to eat the breakfast that Pearl prepared and that’s when Ruby and Sapphire walk in with the donuts. “Mornin Mum. Mum.” Garnet says with a mouth full and they both kiss her cheek. “So, When is Jasper and Lapis getting back from that couple’s retreat?” Asks Steven. “I dunno, but all their postcard said was how the ocean made them and little malachite sea sick” Amethyst replies pulling out a postcard with Jasper’s arm around an awkward looking Lapis holding a baby Malachite throwing up on her. “Oh that reminds me, Aunt Alexandrite is bringing the girls over! So Steven, you’ll be playing with Sugilite, Opal, and Sardonyx this evening!” Says Pearl and Steven goes “Oh come on Aunt Pearl! Sardonyx shows off to much, Opal is so quiet, and Sugilite turns everything into a competition!” Which causes Pearl to go “No Buts! If it makes you feel better, Connie can come over” and then Connie bursts through the door and yells “Hurry Up Steven, One more Tardy and Miss Diamond will have our heads” and then Amethyst goes “It’s Ma OTP! Wassup Stevonnie!” Steven gives a dirty look towards her, blushes, and then scarfs down his breakfast says bye to everyone and leave with Connie, and it closes out on a picture of Rose holding baby Steven with Greg standing by them. And As the credits roll and Love like You starts playing, It shows Steven Saying hi to all his friends (The Teenagers, Sadie and Lars, The Pizzas, Onion’s family) living their normal lives, Greg drives by in his van and waves and Steven blows a kiss while Greg catches, but almost Wrecks into Mayor Dewey’s car. They then run into the school building and run through the doors, and we see shadowy figure (yellow diamond) close the doors.