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lilium-bosniacum  asked:

9, 12, 19 😀🌹

9: If you were granted a wish that allowed you to instantly be able to speak any language, which would it be?
Probably Chinese or Hungarian.

12: Choose a Scandinavian language you’d like to learn.
Icelandic (since I can’t choose Finnish language because it’s not strictly a Scandinavian one).

19. What is your native language / homeland famous for?

Language (Polish) - “szcz”, “how the fuck you pronounce it?”, “kurwa”,  cases and grammatical weirdos.
Homeland (Poland) - Wałęsa, Chopin, Jan Paweł II, Kopernik, Skłodowska-Curie, pączki (donuts), vodka, nationalism and shitty politics <there is literally no one to vote for in my opinion>, IIWW; ppl here really like when foreigners speak Polish - doesn’t matter if you kick in the balls our grammatic, we really appreciate your attempts.