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anonymous asked:

Can I get something soothing for a stressed angel? I like sweets, cold foods, and anything with lemon or honey in it. No meat or crunchy things please! -@glitter-and-glimmer ⭐️💛⭐️

@glitter-and-glimmer Absolutely! I hope these help you to de-stress. ^^

French Almond Cake with Lavender Lemon Glaze

Lavender Lemonade

Ricotta Gnocchi with Aromatic Oil

Raw Lemon Meltaway Balls

Lemon Poppy Seed Donuts

Blueberry Lemon Fudge with Creamed Coconut

Lavender Cupcakes with Honey Frosting

Goat Cheese-Stuffed Roasted Figs

Spinach, Artichoke, and Brie Crepes with Sweet Honey Sauce

Quick Lemon Dal

Thanks for the request! ♥


Animate! Miami 2014 stock.

There is so much. It doesn’t look like it here, but imagine all of those in multiples of about 5 or so. It fills up a small plastic storage box.

I’m going to try and list everything there is.

1. Harry Potter potion bottles: Floo Powder (it glows in the dark!), Felix Felicis, Gillyweed, Pumpkin Juice, Wolfsbane Potion, Skele-Gro, Baneberry Potion. Aaaand I just realized I forgot the Butterbeer charm. D:

2. A pile of Oreo cookies.

3. Rings: Chocolates, pancakes, waffles, crepe, ice cream scoops, rainbow cake on a plate, whipped cream dollops in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, hot chocolate, candy cane cookies, a chocolate dipped cookie, chocolate chip cookie, flowers, and s'mores.

4. An assortment of pies.

5. Cookies and ice cream scoops.

6. Cupcakes and bacon slice charms.

7. Gummy bear charms, peanut butter and jelly earrings, burger charm, hot dog charm, pizza slices (pepperoni and cheese), s'mores, chocolate chip cookie, corn dog, ice cream cone earrings (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate mint chip), bacon strip earrings, cookie post earrings, hot dog earrings, cheeseburger earrings, peach earrings, potato chip earrings, cute fortune cookie earrings, ice cream scoop post earrings (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla), rainbow cake post earrings, and s'mores post earrings.

8. Cookies and milk best friend necklace, taco platter necklace, salad necklace, cookie pendants, banana charm, ice cream cone charms (vanilla, chocolate mint chip, strawberry, cotton candy, and one with a scoop of each flavor), banana earrings, taco earrings, pumpkin pie earrings, bottle of bacon, bottle of bananas, Brownie Brittle earrings, pancake charm, pancake post earrings, waffle charm, potato chip charm, and rainbow cake on a plate charm.

9. Misc. Cute food charms I posted before: cupcakes, rainbow cake, bubble tea, s'mores, roll cakes (vanilla and chocolate) rice ball, cheeseburger, sesame seed ball, donuts, pancake, cookie, peas in a pod, macarons, pizza, crepe, fortune cookie, and chocolate chip cookie.

Plus there are mystery bags available for $5 each!

Animate! Miami starts tomorrow and I will be at Booth # 931.

Hope to see some of you there! :)

Dealing with ZapCreatives

I’ll start off by saying that ZapCreatives is wonderful to work with and I generally have really pleasant experiences when working with the staff. I’ve stuck with them for 2 years now because of this and have printed over 100 designs with them over these years.

But they are not without their problems.

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Advice: Blind Character & POV

Anonymous asked:

Two quick questions, How would you write from the perspective of a blind person? And which point of view is better to write in for a blind person? 1st or 3rd

1) Do research about being blind.

2) Either point-of-view is fine. Point-of-view isn’t determined by the point-of-view character so much as by the demands of the story. If you want to give the reader an intimate view of the character’s thoughts and feelings, first-person is good, but then your reader can’t know anything that isn’t known by the point-of-view character/s. If you want a character-focused narrative with the more objective feeling of third-person, you can go with third-person limited, but here again the reader can’t know anything that isn’t known by the point-of-view character/s. If you want your reader to know things the point-of-view characters don’t know and want your narrator to go anywhere needed, third-person omniscient is the way to go.


mmm-donut-seeds said: this might be a good resource for writing about a blind character.

The Scrutiny of The Ketogenic Diet

Why are you so bothered if we don’t eat grains, what do you think we did before agriculture, ate dust? I feel weird about the fact you’re obsessed with us eating potatoes. I just have this image of you #ketohaters shoving sweet potatoes with the skin on down our necks for the sake of our life.

 Take out grains what other carbs do we have? Cookies, donuts, bread (white brown seeded whatever), pastries, cakes, sugary drinks, chocolate, sweets, crisps, cereal? Where the fuck is our kudos for not eating the junk? Seriously. Credit where it’s due.

Then finally what do we have left… Fruit. I think this is the most upsetting thing for most people and I think that it’s safe to say if fruit is the only thing to get your knickers in a twist about then it’s a sad story. I personally only like very limited fruits BECAUSE TASTE BUDS + berries (my favourite) are included in my diet. As it goes for other people, I reckon they can vouch for the fact that vegetables are usually their preferred out of the two anyway.

I think my point is, grains are not essential no matter what anyone says and neither is junk, stop stressing over low carb, it’s a losing battle.

anonymous asked:

I know it's kinda similar to your food truck au (which is amazing), but you could write a bakery au. Or something completely different, like lawyers or a tattoo shop au.

alright anon! this is quite close to the food truck au and im sorry about that. in fact it originally started as backstory for food truck max and i suppose it still could be in some ways but it turned into something else by the end. thank you for sending me this!!! baking is such a nice warm comforting thing to write about. 

It would not surprise Max to learn that many of the men he knew in service came back to live their lives soft and quiet and careful. The noise of war is a hard thing to dull but sometimes all it takes is a gentle noise or the curve of talcum powder skin. Sometimes that’s enough to quiet the roaring, to smother the great, terrible space perched behind eyes and under fingernails. He exchanges letters with a man who once flew helicopters and now grows poppies. He exchanges letters with a man who once had command of hundreds and now walks his children to school and drinks coffee and a little whiskey in the evenings. It’s true he also exchanges manic phone calls with a man who once disabled bombs and now sits in an armchair while his house rots around him, but Max chooses the softness of a bakery for himself. He is too brittle to fight much more than stubborn bread dough.

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