donut police

2014 - Framingham Police released footage of Massachusetts resident Lindsey McNamara tossing raw bacon and sausage at officers in the police station. The 24-year-old walked into the police station armed with her delicacies in a Dunkin Donuts box. Police told reporters McNamara yelled, “It’s time to feed the pigs” before throwing the meat. [video]

Nicole Finding Out It's Really Wynonna:
  • *Scene near end of 2x05 where Nicole is threatening to shoot Wynonna*
  • Wynonna: "Ok look, the demon jumped back into Waverly and I'm not possessed."
  • Gooverly: "She's lying and she's trying to hurt me" *fake sniffle*
  • Nicole: "Ok, if you're really Wynonna, then sincerely apologize. You know for what."
  • Wynonna: "You know for what? What kind of cryptic crap is that? Look, if this is for walking in on you and Waverly, then maybe you shouldn't be fooling around in the lobby of <i>my</i> house all the time. And if this is for stealing all the donuts at the police station, I have no regrets, because those were some dang good donuts."
  • Nicole: *Lowers gun* "Ok, that really is you because nobody else would be so snappy at gunpoint."
  • Nicole: *Raises gun again* "Now, I didn't know that you were the one who took all the donuts so now we're going to deal with that..."
Monsta x as Scottish Tweets (requested)
  • Shownu: 14 year old captioning selfies like “i took a pill in ibiza” no Elizabeth you took a paracetamol in spain because you had heatstroke, behave
  • Wonho: My maw gets so jel when i do anything fun like no ma fault am oot snorting lines n shaggin nines and you have to stay home and bake a lasagna
  • Minhyuk: why are boys so nasty to girls n think they're pure legends for it hahaha jokes on u when ur wanking into a sock
  • Kihyun: a canny deal wae materialistic ppl, your boyfriend bought you a louis vuitton bag? aye well mine bought me a kfc n i can tell you who is happier hen
  • Hyungwon: Asked the burd in krispy kremes for 5 nutella donuts and she says “have you got any nut allergies” aye pal am planning suicide by donut
  • Jooheon: The police came to ma door and told me ma dugs were chasing people oan dugs don't even have bikes
  • I.M: Pensioners just love gettin on buses when its roastin n shuttin aw the windaes, aww yes boil me alive Agnes, beat me wae a ladle and call me lentil soup
The Earp Curse Strikes Again: Case of the Disappearing Donuts
  • Nicole: "Hey Wynonna, I just ordered three boxes of donuts for a police meeting. Have you seen them?"
  • Wynonna: "I have no idea where they are at all."
  • Nicole: "...You have powdered sugar on your nose."
  • Wynonna: "Hey, it's a condition of the Earp Curse; my nose just looks like that occasionally."
  • Nicole: "And also what's that lump under your coat?"
  • Wynonna: "The baby, remember?"
  • Nicole: "You delivered that baby 2 weeks ago."
  • Wynonna: "Hey if you can't explain it, blame the Earp Curse!"
  • Wynonna: *Walks away, donuts fall out of her coat*
  • Wynonna: "Seriously, Earp Curse? Now you're going to try to frame me?"
  • Nicole: *Warningly* "...Wynonna..."
  • Wynonna: *Sprints away from police station screaming "WAVERLY SAVE ME FROM YOUR ANGRY GIRLFRIEND!"*

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May I request Prowl and Tiny Dominus Ambus please?

There you got anon.

A little Dominus immerse in his thoughts, i wonder what he is thinking?

Oh Prowl, you little dummy Arcee is gonna be pissed, she wanted donuts (yeah ik the police and the donuts is old but it was necessary besides i’m evil, i like make them drop their food)

I'll Always Come Back For You. (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

Request: Could you do an imagine where The reader fakes their death in order bc of Waller and when they appear back in STAARS Lab Barry explodes. Maybe even Barry telling her, “You made me love you, you made me let you in. And then you freaking died in my arm”

Has anyone seen Suicide Squad yet? I’m about to go watch it tonight with my family! 


I hope you enjoy!

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Amanda Waller targeted your abilities. She was intrigued as to how you could control the minds of others and she was relentless on your recruitment. Eventually you realized that she’d start sending members of her Task Force X, also known as the Suicide Squad, to hunt you down or even harm your loved ones, as in Barry and the team… More so Barry as he was your… something… 

You reemerged from your chemical lab, you had just taken the vial that was filled with a substance that could send you into a death-like sleep. It seemed to be taking a while to begin. You began to take note of everything you’d be leaving. Caitlin, Cisco, Joe, Iris, Barry. You’d be leaving the most important people in your life. You began to see black dots in your line of vision and your brain began to feel numb as well as your heart began to feel weaker. “Barry-” You called out before you fell, everything going black. 

The team tried to cope or go on after your death and so did you. And the both of you had similar outcomes, you couldn’t. The team lost its spark and its happy groove. Cisco missed pissing you off and you telling him to take a hike in which your powers would overcome his mind and actually take him on an adventure in the woods. Caitlin missed analyzing data and having you fuss over everyone on the team. Joe missed the coffee you’d make and you visiting him at the station with the stereotypical police donuts in hand. Iris missed giving you advice on how to pursue Barry’s love, but you didn’t need it, you already had all of it without even trying. And Barry… Oh how Barry just missed you. 

You tried to move far away. New York City, Beacon Hills, Mystic Falls, New Orleans. You tried to leave Central City, but you just couldn’t. So you stayed in the outskirts of town, learning more and more about your powers and about yourself. But you’d hear about how team Flash would be falling apart. The news would say how the Flash had gotten hurt on another mission, ones that he would normally come back from unscratched, or that he was too reckless. 

Before you knew it, you found yourself back at the lab. The elevator still led straight into the heart of S.T.A.R. Labs but it didn’t feel like a heart anymore. Everyone looked so tired or out of it and they didn’t even notice you coming in. “I thought there would’ve been a welcome home party.” You said, gaining their attention. 

Barry was the first one to look over, but having to to do a double take. “(Y/N)?” He questioned, speeding in front of you. “You guys see her, too?” 

“Crystal clear.” Iris gasped as she slowly made her way towards you. “How are you still alive?” And that’s when you dove into a long explanation on how you did what you did and why you did it. 

After your story, you looked over to Barry. “Barry, I’m-” 

“I can’t believe it.” There were no signs of any excitement, relief, or even any emotion in his tone. But then it all burst out into anger. “You should’ve came to me! You knew I that I would’ve helped you! But no, you decided to run off and play Jedi in the outskirts of the city! I lost my mom when I was eleven then my dad fifteen years later. Then I lost you, (Y/N)!” Tears started streaming down his face now. “You made me love you! You made me let you in! And then you freaking died in my arms!” He fell onto his knees with his head in his hands as he began to sob. “You left me!” 

Your heart broke at the statement. “Barry, yes, I left the team. I left you. But I was miserable out there, too. You had the team to be with you and I had no one. Every time I’d speak to someone I’d have to erase their memories of me. I came back because I knew you weren’t okay. I knew I had to fix what I broke in the team and in you.” You said, tears rushing down your face now too. “But I came back, Barry. I run out on things, even though I’m not the Flash, but Barry, I’ll Always Come Back For You.” 

He looked up at you, his eyes glassy as well as yours. “Good. Because I love you.” 

“I love you, too.”