donut eats you

there was a period on 4chan a few years back where someone allegedly figured out how to embed some sort of virus file in an image, which was this image of hirohiko araki eating a donut. if you saved the image it would put a screamer on your computer. i think the virus code in the image was blocked immediately so the original image couldn’t be posted anymore but people didn’t know that so it eventually spun out of control and whenever someone posted this image (the clean version) people would freak out because they thought just viewing the image would destroy their computer. even today looking at jojo’s bizarre adventure author hirohiko araki enjoying baked goods gives me a brief fight or flight response.

probably the worst thing for fake ah crew geoff about opening his place up to the crew is that he realizes how fucking horrible they are at taking care of themselves?? like okay geoff “will drink liquor as a meal” ramsey doesn’t exactly have anyplace to be judging from but like

  • gavin, how– how many energy drinks have you had. why are your fingers shaking like that. you weigh like six pounds of fucking course four red bulls are gonna make you jittery oh my god
  • jack how fucking long have you been working. those aren’t your clothes from yesterday, those are your clothes from two days ago, yes i’m sure, that hawaiian print is such an assault on my eyes i wouldn’t forget it
  • ryan you eat, um, nothing as far as i can tell and you sleep standing up, i think, which is weird, but then michael brings in donuts and you eat six in ten minutes and pass out on my couch, are you. are you okay.
  • speaking of donuts and all other foods and some non-foods: michael if you don’t stop trying to Eat Everything for a dare i’m gonna have to put stomach pumping services on speed dial
  • jeremy you have to stop letting gavin convince you to do stupid and/or dangerous things just because he’s filming it, you are going to straight-up die and i don’t really care how many youtube views that’ll net you
  • lindsay please stop trying to Fight Everything including your own crew, not every situation calls for a knife fight and if a situation does call for a knife fight the knife doesn’t gotta be that goddamn big
  • mica you can’t just go walking smugly into other gangs’ territories– no i don’t care that you can take them. you don’t go onto your shitty neighbor’s property and piss on their lawn just because you can. you’re gonna start a fight and then lindsay’s gonna get her knife out again.
  • trevor you leave a trail of coffee cups in your wake and i’m pretty sure they’re just filled with straight espresso. do you– i mean, we could just get you a rolling iv and drip caffeine straight into your veins at this point.
  • matt if you order forty breadsticks and nothing else for dinner one more time i may have an actual, literal aneurysm, have you ever eaten an actual vegetable in your life
  • ray i don’t even know where to start with you can you even name a vegetable.

Kirishima: That’s one of my biggest fears.

Kaminari: What is?

Kirishima: If I ever, like, woke up as a donut…

Kaminari: You would eat yourself?

Kirishima: I wouldn’t even question it.

Kaminari: Mmm that’d be tasty.

Kirishima: It’s cool to know other people think about this stuff too.

This Friendship! 

sofiahuerta: Shout out to my right hand lil ma on her day of birth! You’re loyal, selfless, determined, hardworking, hilarious & so beautiful inside and out. I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend! Thank you for being YOU. Also, GAME DAY🤗! Let’s get that W for your bday.

when you tell your friends you're just gonna stay in tonight and eat a donut and they think you're lying about what you're actually gonna do and just saying that you're gonna stay in tonight and eat a donut but you're really just gonna stay in tonight and eat a donut
the way homecoming Should Have Ended
  • the pain of jeremiah’s actions stings almost as much as the fact that kara knows this feeling well. she wants the betrayal to burn its way down her spine, but it doesn’t, not when she’s been hurt so many times before.
    • if anything, this is a different kind of pain than true betrayal. it is dull, a constant ache, not a seeking one. it’s a pain that says i’m here, i’m always here, i’m always here
  • sometimes when the anger is too much, when it presses down too hard, she flies. sometimes she screams. sometimes—she cries
    • these times, the moments where she curls up on her couch and just lets go–they are rare, born only from the most desperate of dashed hopes
  • there is a knock at the door, and kara mutters something about unlocked– come in. she does not spare much thought to the figure at the other side, too exhausted to lift her head, x-ray the door. whatever she is expecting, it is certainly not lena, carrying a small paper bag
  • “you had to miss lunch today, and well, when i miss lunch, that means i’m too busy to eat, so i wanted to stop by with some d—”
    • in any other moment, lena’s rambling would be endearing. in any other moment, kara would be blushing furiously by now, stumbling, falling
    • in this moment, her breath catches in her throat, comes out as half a sob. she wipes her eyes, a futile gesture, and tries to smile like lena hasn’t just walked in on her sitting and crying, alone on her couch
    • (of all the people, of all the times. kara almost wants to laugh at the universe for being so against her)
  • “i, uh– well, you’re right, i didn’t eat. thank you,” kara says. lena wavers for a moment before shaking her head, stepping forward once, giving kara a chance to rebuke her
    • it would be as easy as sorry, i kind of want to be alone right now. lena is expecting it–who would want a luthor as a source of comfort?–but the words never come
  • so she sits next to kara, tense and unsure, but then kara is sniffling and leaning into her, and lena wraps her arm around kara’s shoulder and pulls her close
    • it is, after all, what kara would do for her
  • they sit like that for some time, silent save for the occasional trembling breath
  • eventually, kara breaks the silence: “my father back on–” she swallows, hard, shakes her head a bit. “my father made the medusa virus. he created it, and when i found out, i was… i was so angry. i had loved him, believed in him. and he had created that? and my adoptive father here he… he betrayed us too. today. he came back, but he–”
    • lena knows kara is supergirl, has known since the moment kara danvers walked into her office for the first time, hot on the heels of clark kent. but the confirmation, uttered with so much trust, so little fanfare, makes her heart clench painfully
  • “it still hurts,” kara says. “even– even though it’s happened before. it still hurts”
  • “it’s because you care,” lena says softly. “you care so much about everyone, and you trust, and you love. that’s not a bad thing. that’s an incredible thing, kara”
    • she wants to say more. she wants to say i never believed i was a good person until you came into my office and sat on my couch and now– now you are doubting yourself, and oh, i wish i could show you the same thing you showed me
    • she wants to say i love you but she’s not sure about that yet, though she is becoming increasingly confident by the day
  • kara leans back so she can look at lena, bites her lip at the way lena is looking down at her with so much righteous affection, like she would take on the world to prove the truth of her words. it is the same look she gives lena. “do you mean that?”
  • lena does not answer. instead, she reaches for the paper bag she had placed on the table earlier. she holds it up for a moment, waits for kara to understand
    • kara brought donuts when lena needed trust, needed love. it is her turn to return the favor
  •  “i figured you could use a donut. you do eat donuts, right?” lena says. kara stares at the bag for a beat, then she looks up
  • finally, she smiles. “well, i’m not human, but—”
Mr. Min - Chapter 03

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Smut and Angst

Word Count: 26,490 (whoopsy doodle)

Warning: Dom!Yoongi, abusive elements, breath play, punishment, a lot of demeaning names, high levels of assholery

Prologue - Ch 01 - Ch 02 - Ch 04 - Ch 05 - Ch 06

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Eating malasada in Alola

“Hey, Steven, help us settle something, would ya?”

“Yeah, help us settle how Sadie’s wrong.”

“I swear, you have no taste.  You think Golden Grahams are God’s gift of cereal to Man!”

“They are!  They’re perfect!  A beautiful blend of sweetness and crunch without any of those weird fake cereal marshmallows or anything.  I love them.”

“Watch, Steven, Lars’ favorite cereal’s gonna turn out to be Honey Bunches of Oats or something.”

“Pfeh.  Honey Bunches of Crap, more like.  I’ll have you know my favorite cereal is Raisin Bran.”

“Raisin Bran.”

“Excuse me for a minute, Steven, I need to address this.”

Raisin Bran?  Cold oatmeal glop drenched in milk, that’s your favorite cereal?”

Some of us have a little culture when it comes to breakfast cereal, Sadie.  Just because you can’t handle a little bit of refinement in your diet–”

“oh my god”

“Don’t give me that, Sadie, I saw you eating a plain bagel earlier.”

“Yeah, and I saw you eat a donut you found under the cash register.  Which of us is the uncultured pleb, again?”

“You just can’t appreciate a fine breakfast the way it’s meant to be appreciated.”

Okay but imagine that whenever Amon would buy donuts, Hide would steal some and one day Amon catches him

Amon: Nagachika-kun. You’re the one taking my donuts?!

Hide: I’m just trying to help you stay fit, Amon-san! 

Amon: *offended, looks down at himself* 

Are you calling me fat?!

Hide: Well, no!  not yet. *looks at him innocently*

Amon: I am NOT fat!

Hide: See? It’s working! You’re welcome!

 *runs away with a donut in his mouth*