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“You wanna look smart? Then answer their question with your own question, then answer that question.”

  • Watch Dogs 2: use GUNS. many kinds of GUNS. Grenade LAUNCHERS. Hack a car. Make bombs. Hack a car then put bombs ON THE CAR. Call the cops on gangsters. Then call gangsters on the cops. Call the cops ON THE COPS on GANGSTERS on COPS on DONUT MEN.
  • Also Watch Dogs 2: dodge the fbi by sending them cute cat videos and porn - a collective echo of phone notifications followed by "awwwww"s and "nice" reverberates during your escape.
Most Nights, I Don’t Know Anymore


It isn’t a fanfic unless Main Character has to tear their gaze away from the strip of skin revealed above Love Interest’s waistband when they casually stretch their arms above their head. 


Jake’s first partner was a jolly old man with rosy cheeks visible even beneath a thin layer of grey stubble. He liked donuts and cop shows and was in every sense a stereotypical New York Cop, especially for (and perhaps mostly because of) the fact that he was unapologetically himself. At the time, he kind of drove Jake nuts. Really, Jake was glad to be rid of him the day Stevie transferred in. But he did have one piece of advice that managed to stick with Jake through the years:

“You’re gonna wanna watch yourself, kid. The academy didn’t teach you everything you need to know to do this job.”

And it’s true, Jake realizes. Because the academy definitely didn’t prepare him for what happens to a human being who has been frantically working a missing person case for three-and-a-half days (spoiler alert: he can hear colors). How any pretense of inhibitions are smashed beyond recognition, leaving the mind cracked open and flowing freely for any passerby to observe, after going so long with so little sleep or decent nourishment. How little things, things that generally slip by the conscience unnoticed on a good day, seem magnified a hundred times over when one’s eyes can barely stay open.

And, God, the Academy doesn’t offer any courses called What To Do When Your Partner Is The Most Annoying Person On Earth But Also Has Really Nice Hair And A Really Kind Smile.

Whatever, it’s been 86 hours since he’s seen his bed, give him a break.

The reality is that the situation at hand set him up to fail. It’s probably the work of Divine Intervention, except not from some Benevolent Guardian Angel - rather, from That Angel’s Second Cousin Twice Removed, Robert, Who Means Well But Kinda Sucks.

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