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What you favorite donut? Fluffy miniature donut charms for necklaces, bracelets, handbag charm and more! So realistic and mouthwatering. Exclusively handmade at @lanostalgiejewelry @etsy @amazon

Hogwarts Girls aesthetics

Slytherin girls with the highest of high stilettos that could easily stab you, black lace bralettes that are uncomfortable but they wear them anyway, green and silver tartan skirts, countless piercings with outrageous earrings in them, the sharpest winged eyeliner and the darkest berry lips, secretly loving scream queens but they can’t say it, loves neatly untying packages and pretending to be surprised at what it is but actually knew it all along.

Hufflepuff girls with beaten up white converses that closer resemble grey, handmade flower crowns, mini cacti collections, pastel dorm decorations, endless fairy lights, a very large collection of nude lipsticks, beach waves in their hair and sand in between their toes, projectors in their rooms so they can have a cinema-like experience while bingeing the newest Netflix series, having fluffy Pom poms on their book bags, sharing wardrobes with their dorm-mates, helping each other no matter the personal cost

Ravenclaw girls with coloured sticky notes of favourite pages of books, extensive notebook collections all filled to bursting with notes and doodles, coffee makers that never stops making coffee because they charmed it to, long, black raincoats with fluffy hoods, perfectly organised bookshelves with everything from fiction to folders upon folders of notes which they’ve categorised, all of the dorm members curled up on one bed watching a sappy movie and pointing out everything that is unrealistic about them.

Gryffindor girls who slay on the Quidditch pitch but can’t dance to save their lives (this doesn’t stop them tho) with enough colours of nail polish to have a different one everyday, owns a few notebooks but instead of taking notes in them play x’s and o’s with their friends, asking out a person for their friend if they’re shy, sneaking into the kitchen simply to get donuts, putting a silencing charm on the dorm doors so they can have late night singstar battles in their PJ’s, lying on the soft red carpet of the common room sharing their hopes and dreams.

I’m opening pre-orders again for these BNHA donut charms that I made last year for a few days! I won’t be restocking them again after this so this will be the last chance to get them!

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Pre-orders close July 25th and everything will be shipped in mid~late August!

PRE-ORDERS CLOSED!! Thank you to those who ordered!!

Cookies, Donuts & Cakes Masterpost

Looking for some delicious sweets? Since I’ve made so many Cheer Up Posts that feature tasty food, here is a condensed list of all the cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and cakes. I’ll update this as I complete requests.

Food Masterlist

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