donut art

Things You Might Have Missed In that Rehearsal Montage

Lilly throwin’ $$ at CR while she pole dances:

Amy majestically riding a plastic horse:

Lilly giving zero fucks:

Amy practicing the art of donut twirling:

CR “getting stuck” in the hula hoop with Stacie:

Amy hiding from her Ginger captain and Legacy tattling:

Whatever the eff led to these stellar reaction faces:

And, last but DEFINITELY not least, whatever your pretty little imagination wants to assume this is:

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 

So my contets entire is here! Think it’s worth a win? Well I hope everyone is having fun making there art and such and I wish best of luck for them!!

And please don’t look at others work and think yours is not good enough to win. I mean you submitting work there in the first place means you support what the common place books team is doing, Which, Is amazing.

So I know the highlight of that episode was Doc but

This was my favourite scene BY FAR.

I am very proud of Doyle crossing the line and becoming one of the team via ‘doing something dumb as fuck’

Hey. Never fall with out me again or I will fuck you up. Got it? 


Because i’m scared that you wont be able to come back up. 

But that’s why you’re here.

Ya, I know.


Not sure what is going on here but here look art


Edit: THIS THING HAS A FANFIC TO IT! I know that’s insane right?!  Made this amazing and moving work and I am so touched.*Link to fic in name* Thank you so much <3