Sebastian thanked C again for letting him and Puck stay in the house as she led them to the room they’d be staying in. Once she was gone, Sebastian dropped his bag on the left side of the Queen bed in the middle of the room and headed to the attached bathroom  to splash water on his face. “So I guess the wedding isn’t until tomorrow,” Sebastian said from the bathroom. He wondered if he should maybe find Justin and Charlie, talk to them. Probably not, though. “Which means we have a day to kill,” he left the bathroom and floped on the bed, looking over at Puck. “Any suggestions?”

Bar // Alluck

Allie’s phone beeped and she saw Puck’s response. She smiled and got ready. She’d heard about this place from a coworker whose friend got a job there recently. It’s was suppose to be a chill place. She put on a semi-low cut shirt and jeans and hailed a taxi to Christopher Street.

Sebastian woke up an hour later with his alarm singing and he reached across Puck to turn it off. He knew they’d have to get up, if they didn’t they’d be jet lagged for the whole trip. But the bed was warm and Puck was comfortable to sleep next to and he was about to curl back up for a little longer - cause what’s another half an hour right? - when his stomach started to growl.

When was the last time he ate? That morning at the airport?

“Puck, wake up,” Sebastian said, shoving at him. He sat up a little and shook him a bit more. “Noah Puckerman can you hear me, paging Noah,” he chuckled. “Wake up I’m hungry." 

Bar // Alluck

Puck finally got there and headed inside, spotting her at the bar. “Hello beautiful,” he said with a cocky grin, blatantly checking her out. “What are you drinking?”

“Hey,” she smiled. “Jack and Coke,” she held up the glass to him before taking another sip.

He ordered a beer and sat down beside her. “This place is pretty great, from what I can see,” Puck said.

“Yeah, I’m sure it’ll look even better halfway through the night,” she smirked. Almost done with her drink, she contemplated between getting another one or joining Puck in drinking beer. “So how’s the settling in going?”

Stood Up

Sebastian waited at the bar for maybe 30 minutes, continuiously checking his phone. But he knew what was up. His date wasn’t coming, and as much as he was able to pretend this didn’t bother him, it did. Chalk it up to another shitty start in New York. 

“Fuck this, I’m moving back to Paris,” though that was impossible. HE ordered a drink with a sigh and hit his head on the counter.