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I’ve got to say I love this bunch more than I thought I would. I gave it a shot a while back and I never really truly got into my muse back then, but now, man oh man, thank you so much for bringing Little Wolf out of me! Now lets get down to business!

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If polygamy was legal, I’d marry you all. 

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I still can’t believe I have almost 500 of you amazing people. I decided to do this follow forever early, because I am just boiling over with immense love for all of you. You have made this the best expiernce ever. You have loved my Tyler, and been so accepting of Tylia. I was nerveous making her such a big part of my blog at first, wondering if people would be accepting of her. But you guys have just made me so damn happy. sldfkja I can’t even explain how happy you all are. I fangirl when I see you on my dash, or replies, or memes in my ask, or anything. I don’t know what I did to deserve all of you

Those that own my heart

Babs, you are my rock. You brought me into this indie RP world and idk where I would be without you. You are like my, well my Bad Ass Bianca. And Devon, well I fangirl when I see responses. And I wouldn’t have brought out Tylia if it wasn’t for you. You are a role model for me. And I love you so much. I never would have thought that I would get into RPing and meet a best friend like you. 

Ida, you are the juliet to my romeo, the For to my wood (that came out sounding a little odd but alsdfkja). All are threads are amazing, and on days when I feel down, I always see a reply, something you tagged me in, something in my ask from you that just brightens my day. Also I corrupted you and made you ship Forwood!

I know we just started RPing, but I have admired you from my dash long before this. We already have 234980x threads and I freak the hell out when I see a reply from you. You make me ship Klylia so hardcore. And you’re so fun with everything and all our crazy plots. I look forward to many more too. Thank you so much for just…idk how to put it. But you make me proud of Tylia.

I am so fuckin’ happy that we finally have threads. I have wanted to RP with you for so long, and then you volunteered for the mob verse. AND YOU ARE BLOWING MY MIND GIRL. Like I am as excited for this thread as I am for Richelle Mead’s new books (which is alot). You inspire me as a writer. When I read you’re thread, I read it as a book. Like can you write a book please? And send it to me, and I can stay up forever reading it? Okay, okay.

The rest of you amazing and wonderful little munchkins that make me smile every damn day.

Bold: I freak out when I see replies and am in love with our threads and you
Italics: I stalk you from afar and fangirl when I see you on the dash, and secretly want threads with you.
If I forgot you, I am so sorry. It’s 2am and I’m a little tired and distracted by nachos and Buffy. But I love each and every one of you.

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       Liv cringed at the sound she heard upon walking into the compound – obviously Klaus was being – well – Klaus and torturing some poor soul that had wronged him. She sighed and mustered up the strength to walk into where she had heard the sounds, trying her hardest not to look at the sight.

   "I thought you said it was urgent – but
apparently not. And since I’m not going 
to stay for this.. whatever it is.. I guess
I’ll be going. Honestly – think twice
next time before you call. I’m not sure
I’m getting that out of my mind anytime

Send me "&" for my muses reaction to yours tracing one of their scars.

   Unaware of his presence, Elena flinched slightly at his touch before quickly covering up the scar that traced along her back. 
                                                                              “W- what are you doing?”

   She asked softly, narrowing her eyes, ashamed of what he just saw.


Martha tore around the corner, her dress flying up and a handgun in hand. There was a rip up the side of her dress to give her more room. It seemed to shimmer around her as she ran as fast and as far as she could. When she finally ducked down, she saw them standing ere and forced them down, “You were supposed to evacuate, why the hell are you still here?” Was her quick and dark hiss, she popped back up and shot the Sontaran in the hole on the back of it’s head. Her gun just barely making a sound due to the silencer.

She couldn’t believe this was going on. Especially since she wasn’t supposed to even be working today. She was on a date too! This was just awful. Her jaw flexed and she was back down behind the baracade before she was forcing her breathing to slow back down. Letting her mind take back over.

Don't you DARE come near me

      His inner monster was slowly resurfacing he didn’t want to feel or think, learning of his family’s betrayal that was it he didn’t care a low chuckle escaped his lips listening to the vampire plead and shout all the better wanting to inch closer to see what else the screaming girl would say. 

            “I’m having fun Caroline, and I won’t stop” Niklaus hissed warning the vampire of what plans he would have ahead, stepping close trapping her so she wouldn’t escape.

  She knew he had this side, she shouldn’t be surprised that it surfaced around her yet again, it was about time but she hadn’t any idea why it was surfacing toward her. She hadn’t done anything, not this time at least. In fact, Caroline was pretty sure that she had done fairly well at keeping it decently civil between the two of them and yet here she was, like trapped pray in front of one of the world’s most dangerous predators.

     "Well it’s not fun for me, Klaus.“

   She took a few step back, hitting a wall and her eyes widened just a bit. There was no where she could move fast enough to avoid the fact that he was right there in front of her. No place she could escape unless she timed it right but she wasn’t sure she would be able to.

      "I didn’t do anything, whomever you’re mad at, it doesn’t involve me. Don’t you dare come near me.”


Niklaus grinned as she made her casual remarks, noticing the flirtatious smile he had known from their previous encounters placing his hands to his side.

        “To answer your question love, No I don’t have one.”

                  She didn’t say anything for a moment and just looked at him with her head still tilted to the side, letting blonde waves fall onto her shoulder. She didn’t quite know what she was doing with the words that came next, over thinking was never a habit of hers.

                “I’ll be ready by seven, Mr Mikaelson. You know where I’ll be.”

       And with that she laughed one of the bell-like laughs before stepping past him.

Be my guest, love. || dontxprayforme

     The ginger sat in the library of the large house, turning through pages and pages of a rather boring book, her mind wandering aimlessly. She was in New Orleans, she had been for the past 2 months, and honestly she didn’t think she’d ever get used to it.

     This had been her choice though, of course. She’d done it for the sake of her friend. He had family to worry about back home, his mom, his dad who’d finally come back into his life, Stiles–

     There was nothing left there for Lydia. She’d been lost for a long time and she’d only come into full realization recently, so she’d given herself in the place of Scott so he could return home, and now she was living with vampires and hybrids. At least she had spicy foods, street music, books, and all the clothes she could ever want to keep her company. 

        She should have known that the bar would be full by this time of the night; so much for getting a seat and drink. If she had any plans to join those dancing on the dance floor it would not have been much of a problem. However, considering the fact that wasn’t the case, she just had half the mind to head back home.

                                      So much for her night out. 

Dance with the Devil || Klaus + Elena

Coming to her dorm from a disturbingly boring set of classes Elena threw her bag on her bed and sighed. Caroline seemingly enjoyed her time with someone else, perferably Jesse, who definitely had a thing for Caroline – alas, the human doppelganger had to find a way to kill the time and started doing her homework. Doors were getting shut all over again and she heard someone scream. Letting her pen fall down on the desk Elena stood up with one single motion and ran to the door, trying to find the source of such agony. 
She should have ran already, but her body froze as she opened the door. Chocolate brown eyes were meeting the devil in disguise and the only thing she could announce was: