In response to #DavidGuetta and his unacceptable promotion: #StrongIndigenousWoman #MyCultureIsNotACostume #RespectNativeWomen #RespectAllWomen #DontTrendOnMe #MMIW Although the headdresses used in the promotion are not representations of my specific cultures, they are often mislabeled as #NativeAmerican and applied to all of our nations. So many of us work hard to undo this ignorance. But regardless of an individual’s comprehension of #CulturalAppropriation issues we face, you cannot ignore how misogynistic the display is… And specifically to our cultures, as a racial demographic in the United States and Canada we face the most disproportionate amounts of rape and violence towards our women, especially by men not from the respective communities where the crimes are committed. We also do not get our voices heard. But you have now spread this promotion video, appropriating Plains cultures and, by extension, all our indigenous cultures. In the country that started it all (Spain). Against our tribal communities who have incredible respect for the power and medicine of our women. EDUCATE YOURSELF. #respect I’m an engineer, not your slut model. And neither are the beautiful indigenous women around me.

Check out the beautiful @hollyhannah__ in our new Aqua blended “Don’t Trend On Me” vneck tees. These are a special print released online today! I made one of each size S-XL. Jump online and get yours now
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Releasing on classic white.

With the help of the homie @the_leftovers I was able to release this tee. Super clean graphic that’ll speak for you when you’re tired of arguing with headdress wearing hipsters or when you’re overwhelmed by the “native inspired” prints at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.
These will go live online on October 17th!
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We all know how much of a misrepresenting crap fest Coachella can be with hipster and festival fans garbed in ridiculous attire that they claim is an honoring of our Native culture. I’m proud to say we had some truth speaking Natives present to tell it like it is. A special thanks to @djd98 and her amazing group of friends that took the weekend with OXDX “Don’t Trend On Me” tees!! I wish I could have been there to see it! #native #nativeamerican #indigenous #nativefashion #proud #donttrendonme #misrepresented #coachella #music #festival #headdress #indian #stereotype

Don’t Trend On Me Series

This is the newest design by Jared Yazzie with OXDX, releasing this Fall 2014. On October 11th you will be able to purchase this tee at the release event in Chandler, AZ, for everyone else you will be able to pick one up online on Friday October 17th!!
Reclaiming native image and battling misrepresentation is still a fight that needs to be addressed. I, personally, am tired of being trended upon and I know a lot of you out there are as well. Let’s collectively make a statement together and speak out in style!
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