Never settle or sell yourself short. You deserve more than you know ❤️🌌 #igers#love#lucky#instalike#instalove#instacute#quote#dontsettle#patience#waiting#good#life#relationships#couples#worthy#deserving#swolemate#cute#happy#lovequotes#boyfriend#girlfriend#husband#wife#marriage#dating

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Refuse to be average, refuse to be normal! You all are unique. DONT YOU DARE let anyone else tell you otherwise .If you don’t believe in yourself then know that I DO!

Get up and go out there to become who YOU TRUELY WANT TO BE! Get the body you want !!!! DONT JUST SETTLE . I’ll be with you every step of the way!

I think when it comes to losing people, there is only so much you can do. If you constantly have to text them first and they make no effort, then you need to move on. You can do better, you are better than the treatment you are receiving. Move on, find someone who texts you first, who wants to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them, whether it’s a friend, or a lover, you deserve the best and don’t ever settle for less.

Reasons I don't fuck around

If someone wants to be a part of your life they will try to be.

If someone wants to see you they will try to find a way to see you.

If they want to talk to you they will talk to you.

Likewise if they want to be with you, they will. 

Unless said person is in some sort of Russian prison or solitary confinement, they will find a way to do all of those things if they care. Don’t put up with bullshit. And don’t let people put you on a shelf.