I finally got round to making this. I feel like a pervert. My dog Lotus naturally does a handstand when she pees. We didn’t teach her, it’s just her weird way of peeing.

I hope this made you smile and didn’t completely creep you out.


On a more serious note, if you are sad, then you need help. And you need to talk to someone. My ask box is open if you ever want to talk. I’m fairly shitty company but I’ll listen to whatever you need to say.

Great but tough two days shooting in the Irish Open Field Championships. Lovely weather, the sun shone both days and it was really nice to be back out again (I haven’t been properly training in a long time). Definitely room for improvement, but I got a gold so, I’m really delighted and grateful to everyone involved!

Excuse this hipster filter, I genuinely think it makes the photo look nicer.

My School Life in GIFs:

When my alarm rings:

In school, assembly:

Most classes:

Honours Irish with my Ordinary level knowledge:

When the teacher asks me a question, I just don’t answer because I have no idea what she is saying:

Astronomy, which should be fun but really isn’t:

Getting a question right in Maths:

Other girls in PE:

The other people who have no co-ordination skills (i.e. me):

At home, on Tumblr:

Going to bed:

*None of these GIFs are mine*