I witness it all the time and it’s pretty sad, smh. #sidechick #dontgetmad #wifeyhelpingyouout #bruhhh #findasingleone #dontbestupid #blamehimnother #imjussaying #weveallbernvictimsbefore #rant #randomshit #sunday #august #summer #instavid

Worked an 8 hour shift today at work.. Pretty exhausted. It was a good day because I’m a master at getting people to sign up for red cards. I’ve won 2 raffles in the same week, people ask how I do it, and I’ve even told by many that I’m a sweetheart. You bet I fucking am! 💖🐱✨ BUT… today I had one of the rudest guest ever.. And sadly I’ve noticed a trend… The rudest people to me are macho men, the “I’m on my phone and I don’t care about you,” people, the “I have so much money and you’re just a slave” people, and some African American women.. Today… It was an African American woman.
Now I know the stereotype “angry black woman” and I know that not all black women are angry. Even the ones that are, have a reason to be angry from previous experiences or environments they live in. I understand. BUT DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON INNOCENT PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET YOU! I have to prejudgment of people, I greet everyone with a smile and it seems like some people just love to spread misery. Anyways I ask all of my guest if they would like a bag for their one item (most say no because they don’t wanna waste a bag). This African American lady gave me the rudest attitude and said “what kind of question is that, do I want a fucking bag or not? Of course I do?” I explained to her that I had asked because most of the guest that have an item prefer to not get a bag to not waste them. She then responded, “well that’s them not me!” And continued to blurt out stuff that I discontinue to listen to because I didn’t want to participate in her negativity. When I got her receipt I told her to have a nice day, and she did not return the saying and actually paid no attention to me…

All I have to say to that is people treat you the way you treat them. You are not entitled to anything. And most importantly, don’t take out your anger on innocent people. Karma is a bitch. ✌️💖
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