This is why this scene is doomed to fail because of judgmental little prices of shit like this. Yes I admit I don’t dance like Brent who is a fucking genius when it comes to throwing down. But whenever I threw down it was to take anger and bullshit in my life and throw it away. I don’t go to show to do that though. I go (as said in the answer) to de-stress, hang out with friends, and the main reason, listen to music. If you are going to be a judgmental little shit then get the fuck out or just don’t talk to me. I deal with that enough without your help. Be the change. Be the person who would be willing to help others. Don’t be this guy and try to tear someone down. #pissed #notwhatthesceneisabout #gotoshowsformusic #dontbejudging #fuckthisperson


This is called progress! Once upon a time this wasn’t even a thought and now I can do AT LEAST one!! As @unclerush said “when you embrace the process of work, instead of focusing on the results, you’ll always be happier” and my ass is 👏🙌😁💃 ok bye! #p90x3 #notjusthanging #oneevery30minssoicanrecharge #dontbejudging