Let’s look at it from another perspective. Lets look at it as a metaphor.
A metaphor for division
A metaphor for obstacle
A metaphor for fear
It’s keeping us apart from our dreams, plans or even friends
But you know what ?
It’s a wall !
And why does it matter ?
Because it’s breakable which means that our fears, obstacles and divisions are breakable too.
You just have to be strong.. and please ..prepare yourself for some earthquake because the wall is about to fall

you are what you pretend to be
—      Dear unknown,      I cannot begin this letter apologizing.  With every breath that came out of your mouth I was hit and bruised.  My own name was a weapon for you to use. Ever since I was a little child I was chosen. I was chosen to be the target. And I honestly believe I was the only one who spoke purely. I was too raw with honesty and self-knowing it terrified them. So here I was, the black sheep. Twenty years of putting this front of having an attitude, always quick to attack. I had to defend myself from your own hatred for yourself. I may not of been the daughter, the girlfriend or sister you always dreamed of, but that is your fault. I am a person.My name was cursed for twenty years, and im here to make an end to it. I had found myself during the darkest times of not having any support. I can confidently say I love who I am. I love every mistake, every breakdown. God made me the way I was supposed to be. No longer will I be made out to be a mistake or a low life.I am SMART. I am BEAUTIFUL.  I am ENOUGH.and most of all, I am me.
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Sometimes I sit back in awe of all the things I have been through and accomplished in my 28 years on Earth. I think about the things I have done wrong…but then I think about the things I did right. I find it utterly important to give myself credit for all the good I have accomplished. I remember the times I hugged another person in comfort or support, or told someone “Great JOB!” or “Dont give up on your dreams!” I find myself in ordinary life moments smiling because I can fully appreciate the goodness happening around me. As we grow as people from children to adults, I think it is important to fully enjoy all the little things in life. For I find it is the little things and small moments that are what make life so wonderful and rich. For it is the good… and the bad, that make life worth living. They both motivate us to want more.