Blindfold Me

as asked by dontbeadack

Suddenly, Miles was engulfed in darkness. In any other situation, he might feel more than a bit nervous, or scared even, but since he was with Ruby, he felt somewhat confident that bad things would not come out of this - or so he hoped.

He chuckles softly, little more than a huff of breath, his shoulders square, his back straight, his body tense. “Ruby … ?” he queries, his voice soft. “What’s this all about?”

“I thought we might have a little fun, Miles,” she purrs, her voice coming from somewhere in front of him, and he quickly turns his head, searching blindly for where he thinks she might be.

“How can I have fun if I can't see you?” he asks, his voice pouty.

There’s a warm puff of breath against his right ear now, and his own breath catches in his throat, his body humming in anticipation. He feels her hand tangling in his hair, and she gently guides his head back, her lips pressing against his exposed neck, kissing and nipping at his pulse point. She must enjoy the feel of how hard his heart is beating, as evidenced by her soft growl, the sound vibrating against his overheated skin.

“Alright … maybe this is pretty fun,” he admits, his smile turning up the corner of his lips.

“Oh, Miles, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

And if Ruby had her way, he wouldn’t be seeing anything for the rest of the night.