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okaaaaaaay so I was thinking about what kind of dog Will would be if he was a pup, and I did some research and I found the most Will dog that’s ever Willed. 

a damn bROWN MUDI








ELLI OUT *awkwardly moonwalks away*

FAHC and Greek Gods

(so @fahchaus has me thinking about Greek myths and relating them to the fakes and I know shes done something similar like this before but ya know i gotta put my own version of this out. i dont even know what this is other than just boredom and trying to match shit up. may write modern versions of myths with these people associated with myths of their counter parts i give them. if im up for it)

Geoff- Dionysus. The god of madness, of wine, of parties, of chaos. A god with followers who will tear the limps off of enemies and whose destruction can be aimed for revenge. Dionysus is also a god of fertility, reflected in Geoff’s raising his own fucked up family of a crew.

Jack- Hestia. Goddess of the hearth, of home, and of family. While Hesita didn’t have a strong presence in myth, often staying out of the worst of the drama, she was still a deeply important goddess. Her kindness and comfort reminds me a lot of Jack. After all its home you return to everyday, a familiar comforting presence. Its also at home where the secrets lie, where the planning and scheming take place, and where the children are raised to become their potential.

Ryan- Thanatos. The god of death. While Hades might be the god of the dead, its Thanatos who is the god of death. The original “grim reaper” Thanatos was responsible for bringing about ones death and taking their soul away. Despite this he was not an outright cruel god. He had a job and thats what he did, completing ones destiny with a swing of his sword and bringing their souls away. And since Ryan’s job is the dealing of death, Thanatos seems fitting.

Michael- Ares. God of war. Represents the raw violence and destruction of war. A god known for his temper and his aggression, he used his strength fighting for whichever side he was on during the war. Loyal to whoever he deems worthy of it. Its a bit of an overused one for Michael, but it works so well.

Gavin- Hermes. The trickster god. Protector of thieves and travelers. From the day he was born he was stealing what he could and pissing off more powerful gods. Quick and cunning he was the messenger god, able to trick others for his own amusement and to protect those that he wanted to protect.

Ray- Hecate. Goddess of magic, witchcraft, and ghosts. A mysterious goddess, often taking many forms and many names. But a powerful goddess, so much that she is still feared by other gods. But she is still a protective goddess, called upon to protect the home from evil spirits. Which shes known to do in her own, shall we say, “creative” ways.

Jeremy- Heracles. While not born a god, he had to prove himself worthy to become one. Cunning and strong he proves his worth by doing tasks he’s been told to complete and proudly presenting his conquests once completed. Heracles had come close to death, sometimes even having to conquer it, to earn his stay at Olympus.

Lindsay- Athena. Goddess of wisdom and the strategy of war. Was born with a helmet on her head and sword in her hand, she was always prepared to fight and to lead armies under her word. She reflects the statistical side of war, the push behind the violence, pointing the direction for it to go.

Meg- Aphrodite. Goddess of beauty and desire. A bit of a stereotypical choice for Meg but lets be honestly shes bloody gorgeous. And she knows it. Aphrodite is a goddess who knows how to use her beauty to get what she wants, knows how to use it to lure others into doing her bidding. Her beauty has sparked wars, caused men to turn on one another, and all the while she’ll smile at the chaos. She also is the matchmaker, helping others find love and find those that they can trust.

Mica- Artemis. Goddess of the moon and the hunt. Profound at her skills with weapons and goddess of the night, she didn’t take any flack from anyone. Cruel in her justice and her revenge. If there was any goddess to reflect the assassination skills of the Mad Queen it would be Artemis.

Matt- Daedalus. Not a god but a mortal in myth known for invention and his creations. He was cunning and unable to resist showing off his skills. Matt fits him due to Matts skills with technology, showing himself to be just as skilled as the gods, many mortals and gods coming to him for help.

Trevor- Eris. Goddess of discord and rivalry. She revels in the bloodshed on the battle field. Her most known interaction with the other gods is one of revenge and sparking a war, sitting on the sidelines, smiling at the chaos left in her wake.

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Ok, so I haven't watched CR yet, but from what I've seen from your blog and tevinterem's blog, I LOVE Percy/Vex. Sooo I guess for them I had the idea of "kisses in the rain" :0

Vex has always found the sound of rain to be a soothing noise. There’s a numbness that comes with it, a sort of natural white noise that seeps in and permeates the mind as surely as water droplets seep in to clothes. She stands with her eyes closed, listening, indifferent to the shivers incited by her sodden garments and the occasional crisp wind.

Rain sounds different in the city than in the forest. In the woods the drumming is unmeasured and alive. Like the relentless pound of a heartbeat in the heat of battle, each raindrop a single pulse that sends blood coursing through adrenaline flooded veins. In the city it’s more of a constant rush. Like a relieved exhale that just continues on and on and on. There’s a steadiness to both sounds that grounds Vex and makes her feel solid and in control.

Vex knows that it was the temptation and familiarity of the rain that drew her outside the castle walls. She doesn’t know what posessed her to seek out the water well in the center of the Whitestone marketplace. The entire square is abandoned except for her, all residents of the city are huddled indoors, safe from the implacable onslaught of water. She stands in front of the well, eyes occasionally fluttering open.

Vex’s keen gaze cuts through the heavy rain to peer down at her raised fist. A single gold coin is perched on top of her thumb and forefinger, poised and ready to be flipped in to the dark depths of the well beneath it. That’s what people do isn’t it? Flip a coin in the well and make a wish? It’s just a coin, she tells herself, but she can’t bring herself to flip it. 

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Hi Nat! I want to apologize for posting your artwork on our facebook page without your permission. I'll make sure that I won't do it again. I'm really sorry. Please don't ask me to delete it from my page because the fans liked it. But I will assure you that I won't post your artworks there again. I'm sorry. Please let me pass in this one.

excuse me, no. please delete it from your page. i don’t care how many people liked it, it’s not yours to have posted and not yours to be getting attention and recognition for. 

take it down or i’ll find it and report your page. apologizing for reposting art after you’ve done it is one thing, but actively admitting you’re not going to take it down is straight up rude and disrespectful, and you’re throwing it in the face of the artist then

many artists quit posting online entirely because of people like you, i hope you realize that. it’s on you when your favorite artists deactivate their accounts because of the disrespect you show when you repost artwork against the artists’ will

on top of that, facebook especially is somewhere i don’t want my artwork because of terms and conditions specifications that may or may not still exist on facebook that claim they have the rights and ownership of any images posted to facebook. i used to put my art on fb back in the early 2000s until i found out about that, and i refuse to put my art on any site that will take copyright or ownership away from me. 

take it down. it doesnt belong there. it belongs to me and i reserve the right to post or not post it wherever i want. 

please take it down. thank you for not doing it again. i’m going to block you if you get entitled or disrespectful toward me about this.

man… as a child of immigrant parents, I have so many worries that most people in my class don’t… like I can’t pursue the career I truly want, that’s not going to pay bills…. I have to find scholarships ASAP! I have to join clubs, do community service, and all in hope I’ll win something… I know school should be fun, but when I see classmates who play this sport, rent this instrument, pay for these trips, pay for these dance classes, or even tutors… it’s just hard not to be envious. I can’t get a job because of all the classes I’m taking, and honestly, the only thing I use my drivers license for is driving myself to school and my family member’s houses.

It’s always been this way. I know I should be grateful for the little I have, but I just wish it wasn’t this way. I just want to enjoy my education without worrying about money.

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Hey guys! I’m really sorry about not uploading anything this past week, but I’ve just stated university up again and have been very busy. It’s recruiting season so that doesn’t help, and it’s overall just a very difficult time for me in terms of school.

I hope I’ll be able to post again soon! This blog’s 1 Year Anniversary is coming up soon and I really wanted to do something fun for it, but my life has been a roller coaster lately so it might have to wait :(

I promise I haven’t forgotten about you, the text requests, or the drabble requests that are in my inbox. Like always, I will complete everything in my inbox whether that takes a week, a month, or a year. If you’ve requested something and haven’t seen it yet, it’s probably sitting in my inbox (unless it got lost in the void of tumblr, but that doen’t happen very often).

Feel free to continue to request texts and such, but again, I’m not sure when I’ll start posting regularly again. For now, it’ll just have to be sporatic texts/drabbles here and there.

Please don’t hesitate to message me if you need/want to talk to me about anything. I still want to be here for you guys, even if I can’t post regularly.

Thanks everyone~

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