The Follower Announcement


So yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I should have waited (more like hoped) for 500. But I’m just so happy and excited to be honest! I opened this writing blog only 3 weeks ago, and I feel super loved by everyone in the fandom. You guys are so supportive! asdfghjkl I don’t deserve any of you. I want to give this massive shout out to all my followers and everyone else, because you guys are the actual best.

You guys below are the REASON I write, I literally idolize these blogs, I don’t even know where to start, these are off the top of my head in no specific order, so forgive me if I forget some of them, but really, I love you all.

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And my favourite blogs in general below. There are just so many more (this is a side blog, I follow over 2000 on my main blog so I barely scratched the surface here).

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And to the followers who caught my eye especially (from recent to old) :)

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And to all my other lovely followers for supporting me, you guys mean the world! *lots of platonic cuddles*

I’ll keep doing my best! Fighting!

I’m getting sO sick of the fact that like 95% of the questions 5sos get asked in interviews are about their personal lives or what they look for in a girl ???? they’re a band?? a music-making band??? with an album and an EP coming out really soon???? I just rly rly want to see them start getting respected as musical artists instead of being treated like ‘just another teen poster band’ idk


If you reading this its because i wish you a great day for you, i hope you found money in the street, see a puppy or your fav animal, spend time with the people or with the person you love, eat you favorite food, don’t have a lot of homework, sleep well, ride a llama, eat nuggets, go to the moon in a space ship with obama and all more stuffs.

Anyway, just for remember you,
Have a great day and don’t give up☆