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Hi there, I think I've found the "Stencil Sponge - Wet" brush you mentioned. It's from the Faux Finish brushset from the default library. Do you know about the settings on your brush (the wet 6 brush), if you do, would you share it? Ok, I think I'll stop asking about the same brush 'cause it will be annoyng after a while, hope it doesn't bother ya. Have a nice day and keep drawing, your work is pretty nice <3!!

i took screenshots of the presets for you ill put them here in a readmore :o hope they help (also thank you!!)

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save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)

Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)

@ people who don't use tumblr mobile

Stop attacking fanartists/fanfic writers/etc who can’t tag their asks and/or put their sensitive content under the cut. We are trying our best with what we have and its not our fault we can’t do these things. Tumblr mobile is a scary place and for those of you who don’t use it, you wouldn’t understand the struggle. So just lay off thanx

I dreamt about you… again.

i’m at that point where i try to study but i physically can’t bring myself to so i get really stressed and i dont know if i care too much or i dont care at all but it makes me overwhelmed and all i want to do is sleep

my favorite part of 413 is that ive been refreshing mspa wlf and snapchat all day waiting for SOMETHING and theres been nothing and now i gotta go to work and i feel like everythings gotta happen before i get home bc i wont be home until nearly midnight? fuckin lame.

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

BREAKING NEWS: Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan rewrites the men’s free skate world record of Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan


yuzuru beats yuzuru??? WHAT A SCANDAL

lmao no but seriously, i had to force myself to relax before he began his free. i noticed that he didnt waste any time and he was out there immediately. (screw off, late deduction)

i was clenching my fists for every jump- 4Lo, 4S, 3F, all clean. my nerves spiked all the way up during the dramatic crescendo before the dratted prodigal son, 4S-3T. like holy shit, i almost threw off my laptop when he landed it (PERFECTLY!). perfect execution of 4T, 3A-2T, 3A-half Lo-3S. axels were stellar like always. after 3lz i was most certainly sure that it was going to be a new world record.

i cant remember what exactly my reactions were last night but im pretty sure all i did was scream incoherently at the screen. (i may have let out a particularly loud warcry after the 4S combo…)

so yeah after the kiss and cry (he was holding back his tears of joy. me too, and maybe a whole lot of other fans as well), i realized how he just overcame the point gap and pulled himself from a dire 5th place to 1st place- with a new world record, mind you. like wow, can you believe him? big sis @yuzuruspoohsan said YES OF COURSE. i mean, what else are we supposed to do as his fans?

simply…wow. i have so much respect for him. 

and if that wasnt enough, max ambesi along with other fans pointed out the underscoring that happened to yuzuru. in the words of @fuckyeahdearlybeloved“the most underscored world record ever”. seriously, those +1 and +0 were RIDICULOUS. dude was robbed. judge no. 5, who hurt you? im not even going into detail how unjustly scored the others were, because that might be a little petty (no matter how frustrating)

*sighs* well the game’s not completely over yet- there’s still the world team trophy in japan to be held at April 20. last chance for yuzu to redeem his SP and who knows, maybe 3 new world records? lmao no pressure at all.

no matter what happens, my confidence and admiration in yuzuru transcends all the setbacks and disappointments.

@divinexremembrance !!!! Oh definitely! Anyone can be a witch! There’s no initiation or anything!

For starters you could make a side blog for just witchcraft so you can have better organization of spells and potions and the like! Some witches do this as a sort of online book of spells!

First and foremost thing to know is that this is going to be your craft and you do whatever feels right to you. So say if chanting a spell works better then making a spell jar then go for it!

Another is looking up witchcraft books and basicly research what you wanna do. For some they work with only herbs and all while others are pop culture/tech witches! (There’s a load of types of witches but you don’t have to have a label if you don’t want to)

Also the witchcraft community is very open and accepting in general so if you ever need help you can ask. (But there are, as in all communities, some rude people that might try to force their ideals on you or such. I say to just ignore them ok?)

I have a few blog you could follow if you like!

Its also easy to look in the tags to find certain blogs that relate to what you want to practice like if you want tarot/pendulum/general divination you search for those and find blogs you like.

I for one an trying to learn all I can that I could but I mostly specialize in sigils, spirit work, and slight divination!

And I believe that’s all I could currently think of that you can do. (Just ask me or anyone else if you got any questions that I might have missed) also be mindful of certain things being off-limits like most native practices and terms and general appropriative things too!