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You are such an inspiration, I wish I had half the motivation you do. And you look amazing! Do what makes you happy!

dont wish for it. work for it.
i wasnt born with the dedication i have now. im not lucky i have this motivation. i struggled every day to talk myself up and out of bed. its on you to tell yourself youre worth it, even if thats the hardest thing youll ever have to do

a fine assortment of kessels 4 ur perusal


sam & cait acting like adorable 5-year-olds while accepting their best. ever. tv. awards


i tried posing prettily but soon the pouty face was back. i’m incapable of taking decent selfies. (idk why the lighting is so different tho)

No. Don’t you get it? I’m not worth this. I don’t deserve to have your shoulder to cry on. I don’t deserve to have you care about me. I deserve to be alone until my very last breath. Save yourself from me. I’m a walking disaster area. I’m a fatal wreck waiting to happen. Its so painful to be in the middle of a storm like this. To stand in the eye of a hurricane that you created. Watching everyone and everything around you break down to nothing. Knowing that it's your fault and you can’t do a thing about it. Save yourself from my destruction, trust me it's inevitable. You deserve so much more. I’m sorry I can’t be the one to give it to you. But you deserve a full person, not me. Not the girl thats shattered and broken so badly you can’t touch her without shredding your skin. I wish I was worth fixing, but i'm not. I wish I was worth your words, but i’m not. I wish I was worth you, but I think its time we both accept the fact that i’m not.
—  I guess I could be the reason they name hurricanes after people, But please don't stick around to find out. I don’t think I could live with myself if I destroyed you. // L.E.C.

dont even “when you wish you were luke’s mic
{dt snapbackluke edits}”