let your hair down, part 3

 Smut. Very smutty. I warned you ;)

Rating: Mature. Strong language, some c-words for example. Sexual content. Obviously. 

If you are looking for one of those stories in which Newt is shy and unassertive or unsure- keep looking. In my headcanon he’s very confident when it comes to things he’s certain of. And uh, of this he is certain.

Part 1

Part 2

“Neither of you rushed to move just yet; after all, you had all night.”

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sophia’s 2016 thank you message!!

hello everyone!! so its ,, been a year since i made this blog holy shiiiit like wtf 2016 was a really wild ride for me, it helped my alot grow as the person i am now and well– lets just say this will be long af probably-

mutuals i didnt personally draw please dont feel bad aaa i was just too lazy to draw but ilu all ok fcjnf ;; messages under the cut!!!

warning: might be cheesy heck

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Cuddle Meme- Peter Maximoff

The second installment of the cuddle meme because I am addicted to the new x-men crew. Like, oh my Levi. So, no adieu. Quicksilver. 


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 I. How do you cuddle? 
–Peter like, never slows down long enough to cuddle. Sometimes but not often. When his leg was broken though, he was so fucking clingy and cuddly all the time. He would lean into you kinda casually and you would bury your face in his neck because he smells like the god damned wind. 

II. Who is more affectionate?
–Peter. Speedy kisses like, all the time. 

 –Both of you! Holding hands, kisses, arms on the waist, you name it. Peter is cheesy. 

 IV. Who needs more reassurance?
–You! Peter is a ball of confidence and not to mention handsome. Bit he wouldn’t dream of anyone but you. 

 V. Favourite places to kiss?
–You love kissing Pete’s nose because it’s super cute and he likes kissing the pads of your fingers on the off chance you do cuddle. 

 VI. Favourite Feature?
–You love Peter’s hair, like is that shit even real? It’s like, really soft. Peter loves your smile. Cliche, yes, nut cute nonetheless. 

V. Favourite place to go together?
–Concerts! All the time! But you won’t ever make the mistake of letting him buy steal a energy drink again. 

 VIII. Who gets jealous?
–You! You’ll pout and he’ll laugh and then give you a passionate kiss in front of whoever. 

 IX. Comforting things you do for each other?
–Pete will play with your hands, tracing patterns and lines. You’ll simply pull him into a hug and softly sing some of the songs he likes. 

 X. Who was more nervous about meeting the other’s family?
–Him, you had met his mother and sister before. He was like super nervous.

XI. How did said family react?
–They loved him! After they got past the silver, they laughed at his jokes and he and your mother shared some music interests. 

 XII. Reactions when one of them comes home from a long mission or trip?
–Pete immediately speeds off to find you and there are lots of hugs and ‘I missed you’s as well as several angry “Get a room"s. 

 XIII. Who brings up children?
–You do, and it totally freaks him out. He stumbles and freezes cause he doesn’t think he deserves you. You sometimes just bring it up to laugh at his reaction because it’s cute when he blushes. 

 XIV. Who would sing to your children?
–You would, nursery rhymes and lullabies. He would stand in the door with that adorable grin and just watch. 

 XV. Who said 'I love you’ first?
 –Peter did. Then he sped off because you froze up and didn’t say anything. You spent an hour trying to track him down (Jean helped.) And then you pulled him into a very long kiss before saying it back. 

 XVI. Pet Names?
–He calls you the usual like Babe, Hun, and such. You call him a multitude of speed themed things. Road Runner, Speedy Gonzalez… 

 XVII. Origins of said pet names.
–Do you even need to ask? 

 XVIII. Who’s the clumsiest?
–Peter. Mostly he just blows things down when he’s running though. 

 XIX. Who gives the silent treatment?
–He does mostly. When you’ve been talking to Kurt or Hank really often. You’ll get him to sit down long enough to explain that it was for a project and he would give you a flower as an apology. 

XX. Who makes sure the other eats?
–Peter, because there’s no way he forgets to eat. And there’s always Twinkies present so he doesn’t really have to remind you. 

 XXI. Couple’s song?
–Sweet Dreams. Eurythmics. 

 XXII. Who asked the other out?
–He did. In roses. Across the lawn of the school. For everyone to see. 

 XXIII. Sleeping arrangements? 
–Peter sleeps all the time, but when you do manage to get him into a bed it’s complicated. He moves even in his sleep. Sometimes he even ends up in the floor. It’s a mess.
 XXIV. Who is constantly giving gifts? 
–The crazy fast klepto of course! Nothing super valuable, baked goods and such. The occasional tee-shirt. 

 XXV. Who’s a better student?
 –Imma go with Peter. Mostly cause he’s on time. 

 XXVI. Who cries at movies?
–Pshhh! What are you talking about? You guys totally did not cry during 'I am Legend.’ What are you thinking! Silly reader! 

 XXVII. Who gets scared at horror movies?
–Peter. And he’ll get so nervous he starts vibrating.

XXVIII. Nightmares?
–You both do but yours are more often. Peter will turn on the lights, and you two will play music until you fall asleep or the sun comes up, whichever comes first. 

 XXIX. Sad headcannon?
–You lost contact during a mission and Charles couldn’t find you with Cerebra so they assumed the worst. Peter was devastated. He ran for hours, only stopping when the tears cause him to crash. 

 XXX. Apology/Happy Headcannon?
–You didn’t die, you just went off the telepathic radar in a way. It was imperative that no one knew that you were alive. After your mission was completed you got to the school asap. You 'told’ Charles not to say anything. You found Peter sulking in the kitchen. No one was paying attention so you simply walked up and put a hand on his shoulder. His face had never gone from annoyed to shocked to happy crying so fast. He wasn’t even quite sure you were really until he spun you around. There was of course, the"Where were you"s and the "I missed you"s as you stood there embracing each other. You were both crying, it was a great big fucking tear-fest. You gave him several mixtape you had made because you missed him so much and, I kid you not, he proposed. Right there in the middle of the damn kitchen. Of course you said yes. There were more tears and you didn’t leave each other’s side for days!

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  • Hazel: hey Piper I need relationship advice
  • Annabeth: hey Piper I need relationship advice
  • Will: hey Piper I need relationship advice
  • Nico: hey Piper I need relationship advice
  • Piper: *thinks of Taylor swift*
  • Annabeth: I always thoughts r was 'Starbucks lovers'
  • Hazel: what's Starbucks
zodiac shitposts pt 13
  • aries: the sjws have taken everything from me. my dignity. my happiness. and they run away from worm hell
  • taurus: ;) i guess you could say i bask in a torrential downpour of goats
  • gemini: i love to sin and accuse me of hating love
  • cancer: one thing ive learned is that its surprisingly difficult to cry over my birth
  • leo: i say my dog is perfect but she does have two flaws. 1. her paws smell like doritos and 2. she always tries to reject the agenda of neopets
  • virgo: this is a warning: do not harm birds
  • libra: i am at peace. i love dragons
  • scorpio: why would you hide from my ass
  • sagittarius: isnt being vegan when you dont eat meat and you have love
  • capricorn: hello this is the popsicle police. yes sir youve been stopped today because you keep trying to use your popsicles to escape the void
  • aquarius: i didnt know it was illegal to enjoy garbage
  • pisces: im not like those other guys. i look like poison