“Now can you weigh in on the XOver fight between Goku and Superman?”

Um… What?

That’s a thing? Why?

Whatev… ok ::cracks knuckles:: So, to have them fight, you have to apply one to the other’s universe… for this well apply good ol’ Kakarot to the DC Universe.
Now, Goku’s abilities have to be diagnosed first… So, first of all he’s a master martial artist… that is an advantage over Supes, but Batman’s issue is potentially his as well: ya gotta connect, and ya gotta do damage as well. Now, Goku has this strange thing that doesn’t really translate: his power level/ki. If you equate it to Superman charging up by chilling in the open space in front of the sun, then what we’re left with is a guy who can increase his fighting strength exponentially… but unlike Supes (unless you consider All Star Superman, but even then, it ends with an “…OR IS HE?”) his body caps out. He can only go so far before his body breaks down(SSJ3), and once it does, he’s toast. Let’s consider, also, that if the Saiyans were a race in the universe, one of the ancients, Brainiac, and most likely Supes himself would know, and the JLA would have accounted for it. I’m giving the JLA and Superman the benefit of the doubt, because if we’re placing Goku at SSJ3 levels, then we have to put Superman at the height of his game as well, and the JLA (at least its info and knowledge) is one of his assets. So, back to Goku: let’s measure his abilities.

Logically speaking, we can assume via the Namek Saga that Goku attained Super Saiyan 1 by traning at 100x Earth’s gravity. We can also assert that when he achieves Super Saiyan 1, he’s effectively able to strike with force 100x that of Earth’s Gravity. So Terminal Velocity of a human falling from the sky (the perfect illustration of human mass moving at the height of the pull of Earth’s Gravity) is around 124mph(200km/h), x100 is 12,400 mph, 20,000km/h, and puts it just about mach 16. We can assert, that at full strength Goku is doubling his power with each level, and striking with the following speeds:
SSJ1- 100x Earth Grav 12,400 MPH, Mach 16
SSJ2- 200x Earth Grav 24,800 MPH, Mach 32
SSJ3- 400x Earth Grav 49,600 MPH, Mach 64 (13.8 mi/s)
Goku’s speed is incredible, but he has defeated almost all of his enemies using energy strikes, particularly the spirit bomb, and his Kamehameha attack. The closest thing that could be compared to this would be the powers of Cpt. Marvel and Black Adam, or those of The Green Lanterns… unlike theirs, however, these “Ki Strikes” can be deflected… Due to the fact that Superman is who he is, we’ll assume he can deflect the shit out of some ki strikes.

Now, Superman:
Superman is said to move “faster than a speeding bullet” but that’s not really all that impressive next to 50,000 mph… So, let’s do some math here… Superman, when all ragey, can travel from nigh on the surface of the sun, to the surface of the earth in roughly a couple seconds (DCUonline Opening, All-Star Superman)

The sun is 92,960,000 miles from the Earth. Superman Traveled that distance in what we’ll call 4 seconds for argument’s sake.
Speed= Distance/Time, so…
92,960,000 / 4= 23,240,000 Mi/S or 83,664,000,000 Miles per Hour

Simplified: at full speed, when he gets pissed enough, Superman is hurling through space at 84 Billion Miles Per hour… And can come to a full stop immediately without any residual damage to himself… It can be assumed that he can swing his fist with at least as much energy and speed, and block/deflect blows equally fast. 

Next we have Superman’s other abilities: He can exist in total vacuum, has heat, x-ray, and laser vision, and freeze breath… His speed and strength can create a myriad of other advantages, but for the sake of time and ease, we’ll just leave those alone, and say, simply, that he can fuck shit up.

Now, fight time.

Goku, at full power, full speed, can only fight for a few minutes before he’s exhausted… and when he’s at full speed, he can only strike and move at 50,000 mph… compared to Superman, for whom that’s like power-walking… Supes wins on speed, and therefore force (he weighs 225lb, 102kg, goku is 137 or 62kg… do the equation for force, the numbers are STUPIDLY one-sided). Non-physical attacks? All of Goku’s energy strikes can be outrun, endured, or deflected by beings more powerful than him. Superman is infinitely more powerful than Goku… None of his 10-episode-spanning attacks are going to do a damn thing. 

I’m gonna put it simply. Goku applied to the world of DC… kinda sucks.

Superman wins, hands down.

Don’t Poke The Bear.

(note: My math skills aren’t phenomenal, so if you find anything isn’t correct, send me an ask, and I’ll put up an edit :D)

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You may have been in the timeless promo but ST was just featured in a Valentine ad for OUAT on ABC website. It was a cute recipe and Hook was by himself. Nuff said.

hahahahahahahh oh we’re going there again

yeah your misspelled wildly inaccurate (did you notice they made Regina a KING?) menu made by an outside team on the beta website is just like the timeless and transcendent true love promo that was seen by the entirety of the ABC viewership and was featured on itunes

true love vs cute recipe

yup “nuff said”

nice try tho