So there was a halloween party at this restaurant and I went as Lord Hater awyiss! And I won the cosplay contest lmao the public loved the performance it was super fun

the first photo was taken by Iris AKA Lord Dominator #BestEvilSelfie 
The second was taken at home by my mom dont mind the mess behind me pff

I made two masks, evil smirk and a happy one for when Dominator Senpai notices me

I wish I had more photos of Dominator but that was the only one we took! Also I wish someone recorded me singing “You’re The Greatest’ with the happy face on omg 10/10 would wear again

whenever my friend asks me to describe kihyun, the only word that appears on my mind is: a lil shat 


  • he laughed when he shot changkyun in the face (x)
  • he pranked jooheon with a fish of some sort (x)
  • laughs when changkyun got sprayed with water (x)
  • is happy with others misery but gets mad whenever others laugh when he’s in trouble 
  • was satisfied that the ‘monsta x secret camera’ prank for jooheon worked (x
  • pricked wonho’s finger for no absolute reason (x)
  • had drawn-on abs lol 
  • tricked jooheon (again) by increasing the speed during karaoke (x)
  • on stage: A MESS
  • behind the stage: ALSO A MESS BUT BETTER
  • makes the members eat chicken at a beach lmao
  • ddakbam!!!
  • his vocals killed me
  • a hUGE TeASe
  • i dont know why but he reminds me of step-mother from cinderella in this pic below
  • and all the other fake women in dramas
  • but dont hate kihyun
  • love him instead c:
  • he’s very very very very lovely
  • stan talent, stan kihyun