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I see everyone saying to take your time when you're questioning your sexuality and that you can grow but I, a 13-year-old, am very comfortable with calling myself a lesbian. Am I too young to know?

not at all! there are definitely people who know their entire lives, and thats not uncommon at all. everyones experience is just different and a lot of times the media portrays the idea that “gay people always know” which isnt the case for anyone.

if you know youre a lesbian thats awesome! there’s no minimum age requirement to know youre a lesbian <3

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I love FOB with all of my heart, but I can't get behind the pop sound. Their new song is cool, but it doesn't sound like them. I know they're trying new things, but the fans of their early stuff are kind of feeling betrayed.

you kinda had me until that last sentence uh

tbh people were saying the same stuff about folie when that came out like

as we (sadly) get past the golden age of emo bands are gonna move on to try and stay relevant like theyre not the only ones doing it and not every emo band is doing it impeccably

pre hiatus fans are welcome to stay at home and jerk off to their copy of tttyg theyre not really entitled to how they wanna write their music

if people dont like it then dont listen but they’re not betraying anyone by not being sad and angsty anymore theyre all grown yall

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I have a really bad crush on my best friend but she is interested in a guy :/ but I don't want to confess bc I love her too much and I really don't want to ruin our friendship :(

thats a tough tough spot to be in anon friendships are forever and may not be worth ruining esp if youre young if it is so much so that you cant keep it in you may want to tell her ??? 

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if a lesbian is ace, do you think that makes her less of a lesbian? sometimes i feel like my lesbianism is less valid because i don't necessarily want to sleep with women, but i want to spend my life with one and i've fallen in love with a woman before (and could never ever imagine feeling that way about a man).

you definitely aren’t any less of a lesbian if you are ace! lesbians come in all types, and being ace or aro doesnt make your lesbianism “watered down” or anything else, and definitely dont listen to anyone who tells you that youre less of a lesbian for being ace or aro isnt worth listening to love <3

I’m starting a Pokemon Ranger fanfic and I don’t know how many people look for that on Ao3, but it’s basically a potential course of events that led the dark crystal and the red, blue, and yellow gems to be created. Basically just a lore-story. It’s called “A Story Half Remembered” and the link for it on Ao3 is here.

this is why you dont listen to the fauxlosophising of anyone on this damn website. like time and again its been explained why queer (as an already historically reclaimed word mind) is more nuanced than just the dichotomous slur vs not a slur argument that people LOVE to rehash on here over and over again.

and as usual ppl use trans-ness as the lynchpin to their argument when 9 times outta 10 no one has ever asked a trans/nb person how they feel about “queer” as an identifier.

Im seeing a lot of trans hate on my dash and while I may not be trans myself i want to tell you you’re all valid, you’re all deserving of a place on this earth and dont listen to anyone who says otherwise
Sidenote: if you’re binding this summer please do so safely and if you can use a proper binder because compression bandages tighten and can restrict your breathing, drink plenty water, keep cool and stay safe

a very personal mix dedicated to monty and the impact he made on my life. based on my personal experience with the fndm. 



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centuries fall out boy // spotlight (oh nostalgia) patrick stump // ruby twenty one pilots // last hope paramore // kitchen sink twenty one pilots // the kids arent alright fall out boy // happy marina and the diamonds // wings (ft. casey lee williams) jeff williams 

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steve talley can be problematic but he /is/ wick. just because you use a problematic face claim doesn't mean you support them. dont listen to anyone that says you can. <3

thaaaaank you. i couldn’t find my words in that last one to answer it how i wanted to. but yes, he is !! wick. couldn’t see anyone else as kyle wick. i don’t condone his actions or behavior, and i pray to.. whatever.. that people know that. i just love this character and his arrogance and sarcasm. 

I don’t care if what I want to do with my life isn’t practical or realistic. I don’t care if I am going to struggle, live paycheck to paycheck, or be unstable, in order to chase my dream. I don’t care if people fake a smile, roll their eyes, or try to change my mind, when I tell them what I want to do with my life. Why? Because one day I am going to die. And I would rather spend my entire life fighting to do what I love, rather then settle for something that won’t truly make me happy.