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Dave n jade hanging out?

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if a lesbian is ace, do you think that makes her less of a lesbian? sometimes i feel like my lesbianism is less valid because i don't necessarily want to sleep with women, but i want to spend my life with one and i've fallen in love with a woman before (and could never ever imagine feeling that way about a man).

you definitely aren’t any less of a lesbian if you are ace! lesbians come in all types, and being ace or aro doesnt make your lesbianism “watered down” or anything else, and definitely dont listen to anyone who tells you that youre less of a lesbian for being ace or aro isnt worth listening to love <3

hklknbvbkuygv white trans men think they are the most oppressed and dont listen to anyone but themselves like……shut up elliotolivermiles #435

I don’t care if what I want to do with my life isn’t practical or realistic. I don’t care if I am going to struggle, live paycheck to paycheck, or be unstable, in order to chase my dream. I don’t care if people fake a smile, roll their eyes, or try to change my mind, when I tell them what I want to do with my life. Why? Because one day I am going to die. And I would rather spend my entire life fighting to do what I love, rather then settle for something that won’t truly make me happy. 

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I love FOB with all of my heart, but I can't get behind the pop sound. Their new song is cool, but it doesn't sound like them. I know they're trying new things, but the fans of their early stuff are kind of feeling betrayed.

you kinda had me until that last sentence uh

tbh people were saying the same stuff about folie when that came out like

as we (sadly) get past the golden age of emo bands are gonna move on to try and stay relevant like theyre not the only ones doing it and not every emo band is doing it impeccably

pre hiatus fans are welcome to stay at home and jerk off to their copy of tttyg theyre not really entitled to how they wanna write their music

if people dont like it then dont listen but they’re not betraying anyone by not being sad and angsty anymore theyre all grown yall

Hey everyone! I want you all to know that all of you are valid!

Trans woman, trans men, youre wonderful! I love you all, and if anyone tries to tell you different send them my way and ill sort them out for you!

Nonbinary people, you are perfect the way you are! Noone can tell you that you have to conform to societies standards. Tell em to stick it!

Ace people, you arent broken! You know what you like and dislike! Anyone who says different are jerks who dont deserve your time of day! Youre all allowed in the LGBT spaces, dont listen to anyone who will tell you different!

a very personal mix dedicated to monty and the impact he made on my life. based on my personal experience with the fndm. 



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centuries fall out boy // spotlight (oh nostalgia) patrick stump // ruby twenty one pilots // last hope paramore // kitchen sink twenty one pilots // the kids arent alright fall out boy // happy marina and the diamonds // wings (ft. casey lee williams) jeff williams 

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Hey do you want me to kill ur pops? Just say the word and hes gonna regret the day he was born. Also i hope you get better and dont listen to anyone whos mean to you, you're amazing and I love ya. *kisses you on the cheek, but only if ur okay with it*


“That is…very thoughtful and very appreciated, but…I’d prefer if you didn’t get your hands messy. It’s not worth you going to prison just for taking care of one of my problems…”

even if he does deserve it

OH MAKE ME OVERbut like don’t ruin my hair?! It’s no secret that peroxide does a number on your tangles (wait i didn’t know I was running a bath whilst showering- oh no that’s my broken strands clogging up the drain. again.) blondes may have more fun but brunettes totally have more money and longer hair. maintaining total bleach head status means root touch ups every 5 weeks ($$$), broken bits and broken bits (ugh), and an ever present tingly scalp. here are some major dope styles to save that mane 

     Roots are IN ~ to quote the cinematic masterpiece that is Romy&Michele’s High School Reunion, “you look SO good with blonde hair and black roots, it’s like, not even funny.” take your ombre to the extreme and bleach until you reach the top of your ears. overgrown roots are a grunge girl trademark (nevermind the bollocks or nevermind the 6 inch roots yeh?) this totally saves your scalp from the harshness of chemicals and ensures that the hair growing in is healthy and strong- cause you’ll have to bleach that bit eventually! another option is to do a total bleach job and leave only a strip (1-2 in) of roots, that way the roots grow out naturally and give you even more time until your next dip into peroxide. team no yellow bands!

     PEEK A BOO STREAKS ~ a seriously underrated trend, these streaks do minimal long term damage on the hair and this style gives you the option to be cool and professional. big presentation at the office? pin the streaks up at the nape of your neck and let your natural hair keep things chic. friday night boozin? do your hun hair and make those streaks seen. low maintenance, low key, and instant cool girl factor. 

     BRIGHT DYES ~ when you inevitably dont listen to anyone when they tell you not to bleach your dark hair because, obv, you do what you want, youre left with two options… slink out into the public with crazy yellow/orange fried hair that is decidedly not soft goth space grunge (or whatever that tumblr tag is) and admit that you deserve those raised eyebrows, OR you bleach the F out of it AGAIN and hope for the best. when you bleach dark hair, it’s impossible to get it white in one go, but bleaching it again just seems like your hair will actually jump ship and leave you all together, don’t worry- BRIGHT DYES will literally save the day. your orangey-yellow tones will pick up all sorts of deep, bright hair colours which are uber fun to play with and suit all skin tones. Phew, totally still soft goth space grunge (not a thing is it? ah well). 

products to heart when you do take a walk on the wild hair side? watch this space, hair care after bleach post to come! xx Lulu