The song Stressed Out by twenty øne piløts is the realest shit I’ve ever heard guys

People say they dont care what other people think about them, but let’s cut the bullshit; we all care what people think about us. If you’re like me (a nobody) you DO care. You might not admit it, but I bet you would do ANYTHING for people to notice you instead of just passing you in the halls. You probably wish that football star would notice you (if you’re a girl) or that cheerleader will come up and ask you out (if you’re a guy.) Sometimes we wish that we had those expensive clothes, or were on the cheerleading squad, but everyone’s special in a different way. Maybe one day someone will come around and accept you for who you are. It might not be that football star, or that cheerleader, it might be someone better. So don’t change yourself just to try and fit in, embrace the fact that you’re different. Someone somewhere is loving you the way you are, you just dont know it yet. So give it time, don’t rush. Give the world a chance to do what it’s going to do. Don’t put yourself down because you’re the not prettiest, or because you’re not popular. Don’t compare yourself to other people, because those other people are NOT you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE, DON’T CHANGE FOR ANYBODY.

Listen to your heart & disregard the rest.

There are some amazing people in the world & you don’t even know it until it’s gone from your own two hands. It’s like you don’t know what to do, how to react, anything. A lot of things in life happen for a reason & it’s best for that to happen and it’ll change whether it is meant to be changed or not. Sometimes, people don’t understand the love for one another unless they’re the person that’s in love. To all those that love someone, not like friend love, this is the kind of love you share with someone that you would simply give your all to. For you guys, you know how it feels to be in love, right ? You know that you would do anything for them, yes ? You know you can’t live without that person, correct ? Although, there may be a time when that special someone just seemed to walk out of your life either for no reason, total misunderstandings, nothing went right between you two, all sorts of that right ? Once you finally realize that you lost your significant other, you open your eyes & realize that they’re gone. You don’t know what to do, don’t know who to go to, yeah ? You would try so hard to get them off your mind, to forget about them, to let go of the past, to make that seem like whatever, yet nothing works. You know that they’re constantly on your mind, that they can’t ever be replaced, that no one can reach the same love you two did before. Days, weeks pass & you say to yourself that you’re finally over that person. You find someone that gives you that warm feeling inside you & one that makes you smile, makes you laugh, overall makes you happy. Once you’re talking to that person, it’s like, nothing else matters in the world, but .. sometimes you start getting thoughts of that one person you fell for, you start thinking of what you’re doing right now, what ever happened between the two of you. You start to ignore it & make it seem like that was never brought up in your head. Later, you start having second thoughts about it, it starts getting to you, you start looking around, everything is starting to remind you of that one person, you can’t help but think, a tear starts to shed down your face & you don’t know what to do. This feeling doesn’t feel right without that person by your side now. You’ve tried pushing away something you know that wouldn’t. You know it’s hard to accept that you can’t ever move on from that one person that has literally changed your life. Well, from all that, if some of you have been through some sort like this, people don’t understand the fact why you’re still falling hard for that one person that may have hurt you at your most. That’s because people don’t see the love you have for that person that won’t ever change. A love that you cherish at the most which cannot be overcome from another. Don’t let people tell you what’s right & what’s wrong because you’re the only person that knows that. What matters most is for you to be happy before making anyone else happy. There’s a few people you know that do understand the decisions you’re making & the actions you’ve been doing. Please, don’t let people tell you otherwise. As said, listen to your heart & disregard the rest. You & your heart is all that matters in this situation.

Words spoken out for those whom haven’t just yet.

this is kind of long and i don’t know why i’m posting it but i feel like i have to right now but it’s long and it’s about me and it’s very personal and honestly i think i’m just posting it because now is the only time when i don’t feel like i’m falling off the edge of the world

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Beach day #2! Just my mom and me today but still fun, then baked cookies and attempted to mail them, failing horribly. Lizzy and I gave up and went to the park and eldo for mozzarella sticks.

“I’m gonna fuck the coyote”