a very personal mix dedicated to monty and the impact he made on my life. based on my personal experience with the fndm. 



cover art

centuries fall out boy // spotlight (oh nostalgia) patrick stump // ruby twenty one pilots // last hope paramore // kitchen sink twenty one pilots // the kids arent alright fall out boy // happy marina and the diamonds // wings (ft. casey lee williams) jeff williams 


anonymous asked: my “across time and space they will always find each other” pairing
➪ ziley

oftd featuring. tezri propie

I don’t care if what I want to do with my life isn’t practical or realistic. I don’t care if I am going to struggle, live paycheck to paycheck, or be unstable, in order to chase my dream. I don’t care if people fake a smile, roll their eyes, or try to change my mind, when I tell them what I want to do with my life. Why? Because one day I am going to die. And I would rather spend my entire life fighting to do what I love, rather then settle for something that won’t truly make me happy. 

trans person: *breathes*
cis person: so that means you hate cis people huh/: what did we ever do to you? cis means Comfortable In (own) Skin its not my fault i love who i am. you transes are so hateful & dont listen to anyone. you just want trans supremacy. youre just jealous that i love myself without hormones or surgeries. #downwithtrans

I want to make a joke about how moffat was an asshole who didn’t put most of the classic doctors in the 50th, and then acted that out on camera in the 5 doctors reboot but I’m exhausted and sick does anyone have one

weak and powerless

a fukami mix with way too much maynard because i dont listen to anything else

1. Thinking of You - A Perfect Circle; 2. Momma Sed - Puscifer; 3. Magdalena - A Perfect Circle; 4. 27 Years - Ben and Alfie; 5. Jambi - Tool; 6. Weak and Powerless - A Perfect Circle; 7. Horizons - Puscifer; 8. By and Down - A Perfect Circle

(i’m taking this space to apologize for having four apc songs in there)