“You brought me back to life! Just, let me be someone who deserved it.”

It’s National Donut Day! It’s too bad Sadie won’t have any help making them :( 

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Do you like halohalo? O: its a dessert

i actually dont hsnsjsk
i dont like how there’s so much stuff in it?? ik thts like the whole purpose of halo halo but I’m a picky eater and i Don’t Like It

1º day of 2doc week

Usually i dont like genderbend but i have so much fun thinking of this two. I wish i could have more time cause i more ideas (some nsfw) for this pair of grunchie lesbians.
My headcanon for 2D is that she prefer short hair but as she is the “pretty face” murdoc force her to have it long cause is more “aesthetic” for girls. As 2D is really thin and long i think she would be too and have really tinny tits <3

For Murdoc, she would be very exhibitionist and aggressively sexual, just like regular muds. And would be more the curvy type with soft boobs


“whats weighing on you?” you asked, able to feel the anxiety coming off you boyfriends in waves.

“if you knew the things that i know-”

“so tell me.” you said, “Theo, you know im always here for you. you can tell me anything.”

“i dont think you’ll like me so much if i tell you everything.”


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you people always keep going on about how su criticals "take it too far" when all they do is express an opinion of the show that you just don't like. like what is an example of "going too far" because y'all are never specific about what that means. like what are they doing *specifically* that you think they should stop doing. genuine question

people “redesigning” characters, saying how much better their versions are than the canon versions, rewriting entire episodes out of spite because they werent satisfied with how it ended *cough*Bismuth*cough*, whining about the littlest of writing/story inconsistency, and dont even get me started on the amedot people.

keep in mind, as i said, its alright to redesign characters for fun, rewrite episodes because you think itd be interesting to see how else certain things could turn out, notice a few flaws here and there, or still have hope for your otp. but when you go out of your way to sound salty and only do what you do to spite crewniverse and to spite the show, is where i draw the line. nobody is forcing you to watch a show you dont like. if you hate it so much, stop watching.

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Centipeetle for the character ask!

  • First impression: she’s cute but i dont get why people like her so much. she kinda seems like a stray dog trope.
  • Favorite moment: this might sound weird but centipeetle triggering herself when she remembers what happened. its just super relatable as someone with ptsd
  • Idea for a story: idk. somewhere along the line maybe steven tries again? but this time with a support group.
  • Unpopular opinion: im okay with her being in that spaceship. steven really cant do more for her
  • Favorite relationship: her relationship with steven was cute
  • Favorite headcanon: centipeetle and her crew are all  in a polyamorous relationship