“Uh… guy’s? I didn’t realize I was? I don’t have a favorite brother, don’t be ridiculous; I love them all terribly and if I was teasing Gordon then I meant it only as sort of fun, sibling banter…? He’s usually the one teasing or pranking us. I mean… him and Alan photoshopped my face covered in pizza and replaced my rescue portrait with it and no-one seemed to mind, it was hilarious… but… I guess my jokes just aren’t very good in comparison, especially if he thought I was serious… maybe I’ve been in space too long…”

“I’m sorry Gordy?” John blinks miserably. “I’m a terrible big brother. Forgive me?”

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My mom actually really hated that line and thought it was super blasphemous but it’s been used so often in so many movies it doesn’t really bother me so much. But I can definitely see where anon is coming from!

well to understand that line you need to understand vision like if loki said it it would have been i will crush you all you maggots 

but vision is noble, humble, vision is just a child. he is not jarvis. he will not be compared to anyone else because he is his own person. he is himself. 

he isn’t saying he’s god. he is just saying with his gentle voice he is himself.

Should I write this?

Okay so I know we’re on hellatus now, but I got a quick question.

Would it be totally unacceptable for me to try and “rewrite” Dark Dynasty so I could give Charlie a better death, if any?? Like I’d probably have to add 10.22 (The Prisoner) -10.23 (Brother’s Keeper) in there too just for continuity and plot development, but do you guys think I should?

Can you help me out? 

Give me ideas on what you would want to happen? Or what you would like to keep in.  Please?

( I’m tagging a few of you cause I really want your opinion: too-much-tv-no-social-life, collectionofdestiellovefromdean, casamacutie)

Thank you guys!!

[ I got carried away doing drunk Peter meme but I hit my next milestone just now, on the exact 30th day the blog was established, too. It’s been a month, and there are +700 of you here… oh my gosh…. aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH…. *literally weeps* ]


And here are my failures lol!! They both are not good enough to do anything with, but I showed them in other photos so I thought I should offer up some explanation as to where they are. These two go into the bad pile with a few of my other flunks I suppose. And they’re both sort of space themed lol, maybe I’m just bad at space? There’s nothing terribly wrong with them, I just don’t find them as appealing as the others. There’s nothing remarkable about them to me. I think maybe if I re-do the paint job on the moon looking one then I could salvage it, but galaxy head dude is just an experiment gone wrong lol!! Anyways here’s some half assed bad angled photos of them just to show how they ended up :”3 

question for the ratchet and clank fandom:

why does everyone love dr nefarious??? like oh my god i’ve been tracking the tag for a while and i see no explanation???

like does he return or something? ive only played up to gladiator (which if u cant tell from my url its like, my fav) so i dont know much beyond that and im so confused what fucking conspiracy do you all have

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