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Jeno is honestly ugly af. I dont knkw why people like him so much. Hes untalented 🤔and shouldnt even be in nct dream tbh

Translation: Jeno is a beautiful golden child who deserves the world, unconditional love and endless support. He’s talented and has the dancing skills of a true performer. He’s going to go far and i cant wait to see him reach his goals and dreams that i know hes going to accomplish one day. I hope he’s happy everyday and knows how loved he is and what an inspiration he is to many.

Origional language: bullshit
Translated to: common sense/English

A/N sorry if this is wrong in some places, im sure i missed something, bullshit isnt my first language and its hard for me to understand mist times. Tell me if i missed something!

“You brought me back to life! Just, let me be someone who deserved it.”

It’s National Donut Day! It’s too bad Sadie won’t have any help making them :(