anyways, im changing my url to match my new identity, because i had an identity crisis again and had to figure out who i am.

and im gonna say right now if u bring this up in a negative way w/ me (i.e. make fun of me for changing it again, say how annoying it is for you, tell me to “stop”, or anything along those lines) u can honestly just stop talking to me altogether bc if u cant deal w/ the fact i have identity issues then u can honestly fuck off bc im not choosing this and it sucks and i dont need u constantly reminding me of it, and i definitely dont need anyone tell me that my mental issues are hard on them in any way (:

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its probably from mcmeao lmao because they said taiwan aint a country lol i love it

i dont think so i blocked them already bc of their rudeness/ignorance in their comments from that ask..but theyre 14 and dont know any better, they were probably brought up being taught that taiwan isnt a country too im guessing. they have time to unlearn it and better themselves so dont send hate to them please !! 

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Do you think Steven Universe Wiki users are stupid? Because thats where Lapis x Steven and Amethyst x Steven originated...

((OoC: i dont think theyre stupid, just because i disapprove of a ship doesnt mean i have problems with those people. I dont know them and people are going to ship what they want to ship despite what i think of said ship. I personally dont really ship lapis with anyone (( i occasionally dwell into Pearl/Lapis a bit cause i think if on better terms they would probably get along well personality wise and I like the idea of a romantic betrayal with blue diamond that lead to Lapis’s mirror prison but thats just me)). Now the gems arent human and thats usually what brings people to these kind of ships with alien fandoms cause they “don’t know human morals and customs ect blah blah blah”  but even if that were true ((which they obviously seem to understand them theyve been around for forever)) its so extremely out of character and doesnt make sense storywise. The Crystal gems themselves obvious see steven as an adoptive son, thats what he is. They may not understand humans and human culture but its been fairly obvious he has been seen as a son and steven sees them as friends/guardians/mentors. Lapis obviously sees him as a friend, her only friend, She cant go back to homeworld anymore she cant relate to the new homeworld. She doesnt trust the crystal gems and she wants no association to the humans. She makes that fairly clear.

But im not going to insult someone over their ship, even if it is a very problematic ship, even if its so out of character that my eyeballs combust into flames, even if i really wish that ship didnt exist. Im very good at blocking and ignoring ships i dont like and bringing better ships to outshine them. ))


omg y’all 

okay so (i rlly dont wanna talk about this but i understand why y’all wanna know) basically someone leaked a photo of calum standing in a towel in his hotel room with a girl half-naked beside him (cal took the picture) 

idk if its real or not (it looks fake imo) but his tweets on his wormstein acc (tweets above) show that he is clearly upset by it. 

best thing to do rn is just not reblog it or spread it around and preach some sweet sweet love to cal :) 

its not problematic at all btw to those salty ass anons in my inbox bc 
1. he is 19 so its legal 
2. thats called slut-shaming WHICH IS PROBLEMATIC AND GROSS AS HELL 
3. it was leaked (whether its real or not) w/o his consent and he is clearly upset by it
4. do any of u not have any common sense anywhere in ur entire body like wow im impressed ur that close-minded and wrong 

anyways bye this is like one of the last things imma post about it bye 

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actually, hae was not ignoring hyuk! i was working backstage for kcon and they came in walking together. i dont think this info will matter too much but i just thought i'd let you and the other person know. have a nice day!

hey guy, here is some more info about EunHae at kcon LA. and this following thing isn’t directly at you anon. I hope you have a good day too <3

So, while I’m fine with you all talking about this, please, I ask that you don’t continue to do it through me. At this point, I don’t care. You can all continue to debate on this, but I dont want to. I don’t like fandom debates. I avoid most these kind of discussion until it is a small personal conversation with a friend

You have all been very polite about this so far. But my day has been long and I’m stressed out, so I really don’t want to be a part of this discussion anymore.

azaleecalypso replied to your post:is it true that in america you dont use…

in europe/france there was an uproar when it was suggested that maybe there’s no point anymore to teaching kids complicated cursive letters when nowadays they learn to type at the same time they learn to write, if not earlier…

i wonder if we have different cursives bc to me its never been any kind of complicated :|a like yes you can get fancy with it if you really like but as far as im concerned cursive is about simplish flowy lines that are there to make you put as little effort in writing by hand as possible, with like. handwriting momentum maybe, i dont know what to call it

also i feel this is also a cultural thing bc here youre not allowed to do shit like type up your lecture notes or anything, you always write it down by hand. when i was in school (up until later high school i suppose) i had to make reports and stuff by actually writing it by hand… i remember having to line a4 paper but my lines would always end up a little bendy anyway bc i sucked at rulers

anyway thats what its like for me, i dont know maybe in places like. moscow or sptb they allow kids/students to type shit down?? but i feel that would mean owning a pc or any portable computer and like, not everyone can afford that so i guess people still mostly stick to pen and paper for when they need to take notes

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HELLOOOO!!! i saw your post about the drugstore makeup, and looking at your perfect makeup skills, i was wondering if you can recommend any liquid liner thats in a form of a pen. i dont really like the ones you dip in the tube thingie. thank you very much :D

THANK YOU!!! For drugstore eyeliner like the one you want I like the L’oreal infallible super slim eyeliner, the tip aptly is very thin so you can get a pretty precise line! I know you don’t like the eyeliner that you dip but Elf’s liquid liner is probably my favorite drugstore brand to make a cat eye because it’s not messy at all and isn’t super dark without a couple coats so there’s room for error if you make a mistake PLUS IT’S A DOLLAR AM I RIGHT. Also the Revlon Colorstay gel eyeliner is good too and it’s hard to apply at first but once you get the hang of it gel liner is 100x easier than liquid and comes with a little brush so that’s good !!

If you’re willing to spend at Sephora and you want a good eyeliner I mean it’s Kat Von D all the way, all day. I have both of her pen style liners and her Ink Liner is okay, a little messy for $20 but it’s very very dark which I like. But let me tell you Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner is the best eyeliner I own. It’s a liquid liner with a brush tip but in a pen (so no dipping) and it makes a perfect cat eye every time. Again it comes out to $20 which hurts honestly but I love it so I wanted to share it with you!!

@Anon’s new reply. No, i am not adding you on skype because 1, i dont give out my skype to anyone, 2, its ridiculously easy to make a fake skype and 3, i said i would respond privately thereafter so your point of saying my followers are scary is invalid because they wouldn’t know it was you i was talking to.

Come off anon, or i’m not going to believe you. Plain and simple.

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This is the same girl who asked if you felt pretty, I'm not asking in a bad way. I'm just genuinely curious. I've always kind of wondered about it, whether attractive people felt attractive or not. I hope you weren't offended in some way or anything I said was offensive to anyone.

heyhey! im just gonna reply to this message bc u said something kinda really offensive in the last message and so im not going to post it. i think you will know what i mean. but in response to your question. i have spent many years hating my appearance and i used to take photos and cry bc of my angles and i didnt want to look like me, i used to want to wake up and not look like me, but i think i have come to terms with things a bit now and i feel much better, but i dont feel like i am attractive or anything like that. i guess i try and not think abt it bc i know tht i will just feel shit about myself if i do tht.!!

hey does any1 kno of any like ? masterposts of genders/blogs about genders bc ive jsut had that im nb in my about page for  a while but i want 2 b more specific if i can.. i just dont know any resources 

question marks????

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Is there going to be an English language release of Blodappelsiner?

You never know. Sure, why not. I’ll definitely show it around to publishers. Let’s see who pays more. Right now it came to a halt. I made 50 pages and I’m thinking of burning them and starting all over again. But my publisher gave me a final deadline for next summer. I’m fucked, I know. But when wasn’t I.

(did I reply to this question cool enough? Like, I really wanna give this cool impression, you know? I dont know, what do you think about the photo? Should I hold the glass more like, this?)

themganechan replied to your post: does sorachi know what he did??? …

At least we know sougo is 18 and kagura is 14, but WHAT ABOUT NOBUME IM SCARED

…………… oh my god i cant think